Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Empty Promises and Endless Lies

album: Stoned Headphones
genre: alt rock
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Empty Promises and Endless Lies
Farrell Jackson
02/20/20 10:25:11AM @farrell-jackson:
Real nice song Lorne! Judging from the song title, the "Say what you'll do and do what you say" theme is a philosophy to live by.


02/20/20 12:55:24AM @lorne-reid:
TY Carol!! Glad ya liked it!
carol sue
02/19/20 08:51:32PM @carol-sue:
Album title~ haha.. love that!
Lorne, truly you have created a special song!
Right on the money to my ears.. dang, I wish I had wrote this!
You're sounding great! :) Bravo2u!


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