Lucky Fokker
Lucky Fokker

Rita's Song

album: Newshit
genre: Pop
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  something hit me as i wallowed through the years - i end up with the question 'just how did i get here?" - once again i find myself in deep without a line...
Rita's Song
05/03/09 06:04:50AM @mark-reed:
Very catchy tune, like the instrumentation behind this one. Great lyrics with a very good performance. Good one to start my listening day well done
05/03/09 08:24:53AM @mel:
Great vocals singing these super lyrics written from the heart. Enjoyed the instrumentals, making it a really great song. Enjoyed this Lucky! Wishing you well, Melsi
05/02/09 06:34:08PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Lucky - long time !!! :)

Guess what I will be playing on my show tonight???

Great to see you here on Mix!!!


05/28/09 09:31:15AM @yellow-jumps-twice:
I like it. YEAH, I really like it! The perfect song for driving down the highway. Great lyrics, arrangement and production. Good to see ya' in the mix (stream)!


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