Lyrical Princess
Lyrical Princess

When Karma Catches You "Featuring Saturated"

album: Song Collaborations
genre: Rock
streams: 124

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Seems I've lost your heart to another I wonder if he knows It's happened right before my eyes Your every movement shows   Oh I guess that's just the way it...
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Vocals, Acoustic Guitar by: Saturated Lyrics by: LP/ Linda Fry
When Karma Catches You "Featuring Saturated"
Lonesome wolf
10/10/15 02:22:30PM @paul-grimwood:
I like this song,very melodic,good lyrics.
05/14/15 07:56:26PM @the-truevulgarians:
Another excellent collab my you guys. As always, first rate performance by satch... always delivers! You've been on a roll of late there Linda! Congrats!
05/13/15 11:09:47PM @gene-smith:
Awesome as usual! Quite a fine piece right here!
Farrell Jackson
05/12/15 11:43:53AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellence from the both of you! Linda and Saturated just brought the house down....bravo, bravo!
05/11/15 01:03:58PM @david-c-deal:
Sat, you are such a beautiful artist.. I just wish it was an era in music where your style was a fad.. You would be on the top of the charts for sure. Nice lyrics Linda.


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