Lyrical Princess
Lyrical Princess

Shallow Waters

album: Unknown Album (2/25/2011 9:39:41 PM)
genre: Classic Rock
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Shallow waters run deeper than one might thinkone day you can be on top of the worldJust to be struck down the next day to sinkAlways talking in riddles like...
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Music and Vocals by: Rick Kresiak (RwK)  Lyrics by: Linda Fry (LP)  
Shallow Waters
Luca Wulf
10/31/10 05:55:39PM @huge-artist:
Well you certainly picked two very good artists to collab with.

Class ic rock it is,with an epic nature,but there agin with Rick and Rob involved it was likely to happen.
Rob is probably one of the best bassists out on the web.
He has a knack of going with the flow and then all of sudden breaking from just anchoring the song to almost a bass solo.

Rick is always unmistakable.
From the introspective to the soaring into the blue,he covers it all,and with more emotion than most can muster.

Synths,not sure who's playing those,but they add a nice touch of atmosphere.
Drums,likewise,doing their job.

Very interesting LP...
The phase is very effective,adds a surreal mystery.
Nice lyrics as well.

Great solo from Rick as always.

All in all,epic and mysterious!

Greatly enjoyed.

Sam Houston
09/19/10 01:21:13PM @sam-houston:
Very cool song! Nice guitar also!
09/13/10 12:27:16AM @cooter:
Speaks for itself, indeed. And speaks quite well for itself, too. A wonderful tune, LP. And a joy to listen to, my friend.
09/24/09 11:50:25PM @omegamon:
beautiful heartfelt lead intro..really digging this..nice atmospheric groove..would love to remix this, i have a great idea for this already..this is great all around..intoxicating..thanks for sharing this work..

06/11/09 03:33:39PM @tnt:
Well done - nice intro....nice styling.
06/11/09 08:50:50AM @tcp:
When Rick's involved the song always seems to have this great sense of mystery surrounding it and here's another one. This songs plays out really nicely and being a mellotron bigot, I love what it does for this song. Bass is pure Rob, and that's a great thing. A melancholy song that uses your wonderful lyrics and does them justice Linda. Another one to be proud of.

06/09/09 09:25:31AM @the-autumleaf:
Now Thats Calssic rock at its best...When Rick Plays the whining guitars ..... Beautiful Song ...Wonderful Lyrics and Beautiful Singing ...Rob and Rick has done a great job on this ...but then they are class acts so is You LP..
Best Regards
Jay From The Autumnleaf

06/07/09 11:57:11PM @gve:
This One is going on my Zune!
Dan Stewart
05/20/09 12:28:36AM @dan-stewart:
Really nice guitar intro. The background music supports the lead guitar very nicely. Strange, but I was expecting a female voice singing, mostly because the words remind more of a female voice. Could be my bias that women tend to love with a more open heart, but I do know of several instances of the opposate (I have to work on that). Great lyrics, they bring almost a tear to my eyes. Very strong song altogether, the music, singing, and lyrics all taken together!
Thanks for sharing,


Chris Georgiou
04/18/09 07:02:48PM @chris-georgiou:
What a wonderfull song. Oh yes it is like floating away from this earth. Great guitar work and vocals, excellent work you all have done here. How short can be 8 minutes........shine on..Chris
04/14/09 07:56:41PM @stoneman:
Great solo guitar work all through this song. The lyrics are very thought provoking. The shallow waters theme brings forth great imagery in respect to the premise of being a seeker. A seeker of love, peace, honesty and truth. I relate to that a lot. I also liked the choir synth used as ambiance. It creates a musical wall that encases every other element of the song. Awesome! Much Respect!
04/14/09 04:06:55PM @digger-stone:
reap there ya go bud! right off the bat! that unmistakable tone! so sweet! this is a killer write on all parts! LP, the words you you put to paper are pure magic! reap you are a soloing mofo!

this is just great! keep it up LP.

KB Bren
04/14/09 03:53:40PM @kb-bren:
Nice creating guys! Great collab with great players. A bit long for my attention span but a great tune! KB
04/14/09 01:15:19PM @richard-john:
This is a imaginatively put together piece. Strong melodic content and great musicianship, a powerfull and original sound that compliments your thought provoking and moving lyrics. Great song!

04/14/09 07:23:52AM @mel:
There is that beautiful guitar playing from Rick leading into these wonderful words. Vocals are just great and so matched for this style and sadness. All three of you have produced a wonderful song, showing all your talents in such a magical way. Congrats! Melsi
04/12/09 12:11:02PM @tlt50:
Yea....loved the opening extended intro.!! It set the stage for all the remarkable soundscapes and fabulous musicianship.Very cool ambience thru-out the track. Linda's passionate lyrics were brought to life by Rick's excellent vocals. Superbly produced and arranged ,this song flows with a magical quality....Bravo to all !!
Rob...the bass work was awesome ! Rick....always a pleasure listening to your guitar soar to new hieghts !! Linda ....beautiful work, sweetie !!!!

Farrell Jackson
04/12/09 12:08:46PM @farrell-jackson:
Forgot to comment on Rick's excellent vocals in this song. Both lead and backing are superb!


04/12/09 12:03:30PM @blue-sahara:
Aaaah, I HAD to listen to this marvel again! After hearing it last night at it's debut on Maurice's show ... it stuck with me all night. :-) Incredible performances gentlemen ... Rick, as always your guitar speaks, this time, with yourself and your vocals. I love that. Always have been a fan of your songs with your voice in it. Rob, the bass and its pattern is extraordinary, to say the least. Top notch. Love that choir a lot, very deep and lush. Rick's vocal treatment is a true treat!
And last, but definitely not least - Linda, these lyrics sure aren't shallow, like the water - they're deep, meaningful and utterly captivating (as is the case with all your poems).
Great production everyone! Y'all should be proud of it!

05/05/09 04:53:23PM @ray-whitlock:
Great tune, I'm always looking for songs that groove and this one has it. A great feel to play and sing over, everything has space to fit in the mix, I really like that!!!
Rob Grant
06/09/09 01:46:36PM @rayon-vert:
WOW!!! I can't believe all of these VERY NICE comments.....THANK YOU...ALL, VERY MUCH!!! I must say, LINDA was a HUGE Inspiration for the writing of this music......and Rick ALWAYS adds a BEAUTIFUL touch with his Vocals and Guitar. Thanks, Rick and Linda :-)

05/12/13 11:35:47PM @scotswolfe:
Sad and emotional lyrics,very soulful.I like this song very much and the production was top notch.Leaving at the end of the song with the hope that life will take a change for the better in the future.
You are a very talented lyric writer,you chose your artist name very well.
Looking forward to listening to more of your work soon.

04/12/09 07:51:15PM @slowmarchingband:
Linda, Rob and Rick - Excellnt song/lyrics ladies and gents! How sad the lyrics...the guitar and vox fit the mood of this song as well. Bass-line has a great groove goin' on. linda - I always enjoy the people you get to work with and how everything just forms into something really beautiful. Bravo!
02/04/11 04:01:52PM @star4mation:
A sonic masterpiece linda!! I love this song! Rick is totally awesome on guitar and Rob is just the best on bass. The whole feel and style reminds me a little of a song called Queen of Angels by Xoo (one of my fave Hawkwind inspired spacerock bands) Rick's vocals are quite similar to Dave Brock of Hawkwind and his guitar playing is very much like the style of Kevin Perry of Xoo. Rob's melodic bass is very like Alan Davy's (ex Hawkwind)
Lyrics are fantastic!
Did I mention that I love this song?? Played it 4 times in a row so far!!


04/15/09 07:42:45PM @vesa:
Very neat combo of musical chemistry that works so well. That guitar just soars away into another realm. Fine synth artistry. Good vocals, fine tone. Like the percussion. Very neat lyrics. I like the synth voices. Neat sound all around; good arranging -like the sound mix. Neat to read the lyrics above...well symbolized words, with a positive message turned from a down moody feel. Super guitar work.
EXCELLENT composition all; indeed. Like it.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

04/12/09 03:28:41PM @king-cake:
Very nicely done! I like the solo guitar and the ambience!It fits nicely with your lyrics...
Carl Schonbeck
07/05/09 03:02:21PM @carl-schonbeck:
Nice, atmospheric production here and a dark, '80s pop vibe that I always enjoyed. This fadeout is really sounds into it. Kudos.
Farrell Jackson
04/12/09 12:06:05PM @farrell-jackson:
Real nice collabers! Rick has a very unique and recognizable SG tone and style and it always seems to shine through. Excellent bottom and keys (Rob?). The bass has a sort of cool reggae riffing to it. Lonely but touching lyric there Lonely Lyrical Princess. Well done all!


06/02/09 10:30:11PM @anaji:
I was also expecting a female voice. More because I am in the account of a girl though. hehe. Anyway. now listening to the song, I don't think it could've sounded better.


04/16/09 04:26:56AM @mike-lynn:
Breath-taking guitar intro, smooth melody flow, haunting vocals. Love how the melody changed at around the 2 minute mark and was then followed by the guitar solo. Great work. Cheers / Mike
06/09/09 11:08:57AM @piperon:
The depth of these fine words are indeed inspiring, touching every single soul listensing to this masterpiece. Without doubt, the living proof of you are filled with lyrical words that blend into the blood vessel. Gorgesou once more and Rick definitely done it flawlessly.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.


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