Lyrical Princess
Lyrical Princess

Here In The Dark

album: Unknown Album (2/25/2011 9:39:41 PM)
genre: Easy Listening
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lyrics inspired By the poem HERE IN THE DARK - Lonesome Princess(here in the dark, here in the dark)Sitting in the darkcold and lonelyIf I could see a sparkI...
Here In The Dark
stephan foster
07/17/13 11:37:36PM @stephan-foster:

Both the lyrics and performance remind me of John Lennon. Great collab!

stephan foster
07/17/13 11:37:20PM @stephan-foster:

Both the lyrics and performance remind me of John Lennon. Great collab!

09/14/10 12:31:45AM @n0mad23:
I love that tremolo-phaser thing you've got going on. That underwater vibe really is a good metaphor (sonically speaking) for being enveloped by darkness.

I really admire how experimental it is, too. For easy listening I think there's a tendency (and danger) of remaining in the safe zones.

Really enjoyed this. Thank you.

Tschabba Rox
06/06/13 01:05:01AM @tschabba-rox:
I love the Atmosphere.....great Music,great Emotions...thanx for this Piece!

Tschabba Rox

Incarnate Word
12/27/10 05:52:51PM @incarnate-word:
I love the poetic prowess of this. Its hard for myself to think of the words when you so eloquently put it to lyrics at will. Great Lyrics great Job.
04/05/09 03:22:27AM @self-tort:
Another really good song and once more excellent choice of collaborator. David has interpreted the lyrics beautifully. I really love that early 60s melody and harmony feel. Lovely chord progression with some really interesting changes. I love David's voice and his very individual take on harmonies (that may sound like damning with faint praise, so I'll clear up that it's not intended that way. David is prepared to try some very inventive and adventurous harmonies and pulls them off). Another really great song. Congrats to you both.



Bernie J Kelz
03/12/09 03:02:38AM @bernie-j-kelz:
Unconventional harmonies together with a perfected technical production delivers a rare atmosphere which comes directly to the soul of the listener. Good vocals are rounding up the nice work. Keep on doing so my friend....
01/11/09 01:33:04AM @bilbozo:
Hi Linda. Wow you have great writing skills. The poetry has taransformed into a beutiful song with this collb. I had to lean back in my chair and close my eyes with this song. Very soothing. Congrats - Bilbozo
01/23/09 06:42:00PM @robert-smith:
This is really nice - strong melody and beautiful lyrics. It has an old Brit sound to it - great stuff.
12/20/08 03:50:11PM @slowmarchingband:
Wonderful music and lyrics Linda! The music added to this brings the words to life.. It takes a very strong person to bare their soul like this...

Haunting, moody vibe that fits most of us artists.

Simply stunning!

12/11/08 03:34:38PM @aparition:
I guess you are Linda! But I wonder if you really are Lonely because such a great sould for music can NEVER be alone. You can have the World at your side!
And also, you have me. So no more Lonelyness, Linda!
Both Songs you published here are so good!

Thanks for reviewing mine. Actually In Your Eyes is a collab with Syntopia Music, and I just did the Virtual singer and the guitar solo.
The rest and the musical idea belongs to Sven Ehlers, , my good friend!

Keep in touch Lonely and Linda (beautiful) Princess!


Chris Bayne
12/09/08 09:57:17AM @chris-bayne:
Very ethereal and haunting piece. Wonderful lyric. I like the keyboard and the vocals that seem to float in the air in a peaceful way. Very nice.

Warm Regards,
Chris Bayne

12/04/08 09:13:21PM @hydrogen3:
Very Nice song! well fitting with you wonderful lyrics! Holley :)
Dan Falvey
11/21/08 06:00:43AM @dan-falvey:
Very beautiful song Linda. The poignant lyrics are brought to life by this lovely melody and arrangement. Outstanding!
11/15/08 05:59:17PM @durod:
This one really has a cool 50s/60s groove to it; at least that's what I'm hearing, and it sounds great. Lyrics are really good and they're put to some great music that fits them like a glove. Very nice easy listening tune.
Farrell Jackson
11/13/08 06:11:42PM @farrell-jackson:
This has an early British rock sound like Gerry and The Pacemakers etc.. A really nice listen and the words are great!


11/11/08 11:28:34PM @mack-sanders:
Hi Princess
Here in the dark, is haunting & melodic, a gracful feel. Can't help but wonder what Brian Wilson could with it:)
Lots of potental

11/10/08 08:05:17PM @piperon:
This song goes so well with your beautiful lyrics, perfect harmony indeed. Although it sound more 80's but it is already so well delivered. Smooth and soothing to the ears and soul. I liko this verse "Into your loving arms" coz I had never done that before - oh **** what I was doing in life not falling in love? Your lyrics just hit right at my head, I need to be doing something. Indeed, I have a careless heart.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

Luca Wulf
11/08/08 11:31:03AM @huge-artist:
Beautiful intro guys...
Delicate and mysterious...
A haunting piece indeed...
I have always loved piano,so thatw as sure to win me over from the get go.
But I think the vocals are the real star...
They flow so perfectly across the piece.
Emotive and appealing.
The tremelo guitar solo was a nice touch as well :)

Greatly enjoyed.

11/08/08 09:05:11AM @jeff-lustick:
A beautifully performed song and a very relaxing piece to listen to. I look forward to hearing more!!!!


11/03/08 05:43:06PM @mark-cloutier:
very beautiful piano work and nice soft comforting vocals--you work nicely together--very 50's ish!enjoyed very much!! mark
11/01/08 02:02:55PM @scattered-screws:
Very nice and relaxing song, I love the vocals and and the flow of the tune


10/27/08 01:21:20PM @austn:
Sweet piano and guitar drum fills and vocal FX with a spacey atmosphere ...roto tomZ R soooo cool N those fills...chilly tremelo...Xcellent melody working with the strings,harmonies, and underbass lines...chilly, solo break, tempo, change works well 2 re-grasp U on the next verse...very Moody and EZ 2 listN2...ThanX 4 sharing your talentZ and lettimg me listN...~Austn
FD Project
10/27/08 01:15:22PM @fd-project:
Hy Linda..Thanks for all your words and congratulation for this wonderful song. Greetings from germany to the Princess of and peace...Frank
10/27/08 03:55:31AM @dusty-burch:
I like your lyrics very honest and telling I know most of us have felt just that way at one time or another.
10/26/08 06:27:58AM @gordon-leed:
Linda...this is lovely...and I am sitting here listening with a strange feeling of deja-vu. I have felt this way at times...especially around this time as I am about to be without internet for some days whilst I move house. This is a beautiful song and performed so well...a favourite for sure. Gordon
10/25/08 09:20:40PM @chasyou:
looks perfect and sounds wonderful, Congratulations linda and
David, on your first !

Mom and Charley

10/25/08 10:43:36AM @jelly:




10/25/08 08:36:27AM @mike-kohlgraf:
This super tune will be on my show tonight!!! Excellent mood! Very well done! :)


Fender Bender
10/24/08 03:45:43PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Great lyrics and vocals, especially the vocal harmonies and effects. The first collab done---onward!

Chris Georgiou
10/24/08 10:35:50AM @chris-georgiou:
Linda, I like the tunes it started, very romantical with the piano theme. The voices are very harmony, reminds me to All Stewared, this song has a really great flow and feeling, thank you for it.

10/23/08 07:07:22PM @david-c-deal:
Looks like your poem provided the muse for this sad but beautiful song. I read the original on your blog. Ouchhhhh! Nice lyrical work and great collab.
David C Deal

10/23/08 02:10:14PM @anthony-marcus:
Please excuse the typeo, 'Linda' was supposed to be there instead of 'Minda'. Again, All Apologies.
10/23/08 02:08:42PM @anthony-marcus:
"Here in the Dark", is one collab that IMO sounds very good. Minda, your writing skills are superb, and collaborating with David just made it better. This track has a 'George Harrison' feel to it (and, he being my favorite Beatle) which makes me enjoy it even more. Kudos to the both of you on a stellar performance here.
Rob Grant
10/22/08 05:38:37PM @rayon-vert:
Linda and David......SUPER JOB!!!! David you did a SUPER job with the music.....REALLY REALLY liked the music you wrote....GREAT melody and theme...VERY CATCHY......LYRICS FIT PERFECTLY!!! Did Linda sing with you on this? I really like the vocals, as well......maybe a little extra effects on them, but...I REALLY LIKED them anyway....GREAT JOB!!! The effects really worked well with the song style......kind of gave it that modern "Smiths / Morrisey" feel :-) GREAT COLLAB!!! LOVE to join you guys, should you do another :-)

10/22/08 05:37:44PM @tlt50:
Hi, Linda,
I left some comments on David's page,,,,but I just wanted to express how thrilled I am for you. Magical,beautiful lyrics deeply touching..... Congrats David and Linda......OUTSTANDING !!!!


The Transmission
10/22/08 09:55:15AM @the-transmission:
No1 today on plays!!!! this is a great tune, reminds me of Orbison/harrison and weirdly my hero Morrissey from the Smiths. great lyrics LP. I told you this would be a popular choice! Well done, keep the lyrics flowing!
stone bullits
10/21/08 04:07:12PM @stonebullits:
i get a real 50s vibe on this!

great words sweet song, well done!

stone bullits

10/21/08 02:36:38PM @mark-reed:
Hello Princess

Being a poet on a music site offers serious potential for creative projects, Just heard your first collab. nice work, congratulations. Look forward to hearing more.

all the best

10/23/08 12:22:34PM @the-autumleaf:
Superb Job !!! Smooth singing and beautiful feel Real good Lyrics Loved it!!!!!

05/06/13 09:47:28PM @ron-kauffman:
Very interesting production. Fasinating! The lyrics really dig in and capture big emotion. Sweet tune all the way around. I'm a fan!
Peace, Ron

02/08/09 05:12:03AM @jones-danby:
Nice Song..and Lyrics.
The Vocals sounds the 60thees,..nice choice.

Good Song.
full rates..

regards Jones

11/21/08 11:04:53PM @vesa:
I'm a real fan of good vocals and piano...good start to pull me in. Great sound; great vocals with the guitar complimenting well; really neat full sound all around my headphones. Love the synth strings. This has a slight Brit sound quality/feeling. Almost reminds me of the song of the Mercy Beat times of the 60's -Liverpool times. Very good arranging. Cool guitar sound weaving its way through the warm atmosphere. Worth many listens. In it goes into my faves; --an original tune for sure. EXCELLENT.
-Vesa. (Glad I got here; never too late)

05/04/11 05:27:30PM @gordon-leed:
Pure poetry, beautiful music. This is so sweet, but sad too ! I could carry on listenig all night !
I'm really feeling this pulling at my soul.....
Thanks for a lovely listening experience, Linda and David


10/29/08 10:55:37PM @loren:
this is a very pretty, gentle song. just right. i think it has an early 60's love song sound. really nice. but who is this David Lunbeck guy : )


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