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Lyrical Princess

His Love - Featuring Joseph + Carol Sue

album: Unknown Album (2/25/2011 9:39:41 PM)
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His LoveIf I could fill your dreamsAnd make them all come trueI'd paint a perfect pictureof the love that shines through youMy sails are torn and...
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Joseph Rodriguez - All Instruments, chorus vocals & production.Lyrical Princess (Linda Fry) aka: LP - Lyrics.Carol Sue Kirkpatrick - Vocals.   Inspired...
His Love - Featuring Joseph + Carol Sue
carol sue
01/18/19 07:18:06PM @carol-sue:
Thank you again for this collaboration!
I'm sure I had commented in the past when I had my other page.
An honor to be in song with you two!

Wonderful comments, thank you all so much! :)

09/21/17 07:38:39AM @erne:
If one were to write a perfect song I think this is about as close as they could get. Right now, as I sit here on my porch watching the sun come up over the mountain this brings it all together and makes perfect sense.
Helen DeBaker
03/04/11 12:05:59PM @helen-debaker-vorce:
What beautiful lyrics, airy soulful vocals and superb
musical back up.

02/12/11 01:14:33PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Stellar song writing, stellar arrangement/instrumentation and probably the most complimentary key for Carol to sing - never sounded better!

It's on SNR tonight!

Great collab, folks!

02/07/11 05:39:05PM @mark-cloutier:
Beautiful singing and gorgeous music to really bring this to its absolute best!Soulful and groovy!Thanks for sharing!
02/07/11 06:03:48PM @tlt50:
Admiration....pride and joy....not only in the music...but the frienships I've had with you 3, amazing,talented,special people !!
Beautiful all ways...:))))*****,


02/07/11 06:03:09PM @allenv:
You know this is right down my alley sister C,every thing is so smooth and I love the lyrics..
It's guaranteed and unconditional!

I love it sis! : )

02/07/11 06:08:38PM @allenv:
Awesome Lyrics LP... it took me a moment to realize this was your's so good and yes,thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!


02/09/11 11:06:45PM @wrightdude:
Smooth and tasty! Ah.... there it is.... I knew Joseph couldnt la off the distortion... ;) j/k great work all around!

Best wishes to Larry too!

02/17/11 11:13:58PM @mark-daniel-uncle:
Nice song great feel good message . you really need to get a real drummer though. MArk Daniel Uncle music teacher/recording artist
02/11/11 12:55:21AM @miracle-maker:
really nice feel and score.... beautifully played and arranged --a perfect track! ;) 5X
02/07/11 12:51:28PM @:
Wow...the progression on this is so excellent! The vocals on this was simple and just in time with the arrangement. Very nice work to Carol and Joseph for this fine delivery. Lady amazing Chat Dance partner, lol...your lyrics here were what allowed everyone to be able to do this. Words inspire so many and your fine songwriting is what lays the foundation for beautiful people like Carol and Joseph to make it all come alive. You 3 should be proud of this. Well done!
02/07/11 06:37:00PM @hydrogen3:
Very Nice yall! :) H3
02/07/11 10:08:08AM @josephrodz:
I ask Larry but he's not good with his health,so i hope he's take care and we all pray for him to get well.
02/08/11 09:36:04AM @grapefruit-clinton:
Great Job guys, nice mellow late night jam. I love the middle 8.
02/07/11 03:00:41PM @scanvoice:
Hi Carol.
Thx for all the best wishes lately.
This is a realy nice colab.
It's all in the right place with the music and lyrics.
Well done guys and girls.

Grtzzz ScanVoice

02/08/11 02:13:26AM @songsofdave:
Really enjoyed this song - lyrics/performances/production - everything! 'need/guaranteed' - a rhyme to die for, and love the way Joseph goes a wee bit heavy towards the end of the solo :)
02/07/11 10:14:33PM @electron-planet:
Very good easy blues groove and wonderful vocal!:)
02/07/11 10:34:16PM @eirik-finbak:
Waka Waka!
This is a well produced smoot blues tune with a decent singer.
Im an honest person so ill say as the truth: Its not my favorite musical genre, but i hear that the song is GOOD!

02/12/11 03:54:12PM @marie-dailly:
Beautiful lyrics Linda, as always!
Lovely song

John R. Kennedy
02/14/11 12:15:05AM @john-r-kennedy:
Carol Sue, His Love is a nicely done song with some nice background music, guitar and some great vocals, as you seem to enjoy doing so well. The background vocals make a nice addition to the piece. Very lovely song, I enjoyed this, as I do all your songs. Really like the guitars, nice playing Joseph.

Blessings, John

02/12/11 03:54:24PM @marie-dailly:
Beautiful lyrics Linda, as always!
Lovely song

02/21/11 12:10:01AM @the-full-quid:
i like it i like it really nice vocals and everything guitar lyrics , i really like the wah wah clavinet sound in the song
this has a really cool sound.

02/08/11 07:38:38PM @digger-stone:
just great! i loved the words when i heard them, and this is just great.

well done by all!


02/09/11 07:25:41PM @jusananomaly:
Beautiful collab...very nice tempo and arrangement.
02/07/11 06:57:41AM @bigpete:
Hell Yeah, complete package here, superbe track on all angles, and very emotional, great track, five strars for sure.
Lyrical Princess
02/06/11 03:56:33PM @lyrical-princess:
Thanks so much Joseph for adding your Wonderful music to "His Love".. And you Carol for providing your lovely vocals.. As well as the inspiration.. I love the added touch at the end of the song where you are both singing.. Was a pleasure to work with Both of you..

Jim, muratses & Chrickon, Thank you for listening & for your feedback & support.. So happy you enjoyed.. ;)

02/06/11 01:07:49PM @chrickon:
Ahh! Smooth and melodic! sweet progression and a very emotional and tasty performance by all.
Enjoyed very much!

02/06/11 11:57:15AM @murat-ses:
Nice work.. Like what u r doin
02/06/11 11:40:20AM @josephrodz:
Its been an honor working with you and Carol,many thanks.
02/06/11 08:22:48PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful, beautiful lyrics Linda. The music is fine, but how could it not be with Joseph and Carol Sue. I'd swear that was Larry playing that synth lead in the middle (just sounded like his style). Fine song folks.
05/01/11 01:06:01PM @gordon-leed:
It's been a long time since I was around here....Beautiful lyrics, Linda..and Carol's vocal together with Joseph's music, brings goosebumps !! So moving and emotional. Thanks a lot for sharing this nice song. Gordon
07/29/13 11:35:18PM @mach:
Pro guitar work as always Joseph. Dang Carol that vibrato you create can shake a small town...What a voice! Cool harmonies going on with a smooth vibe. Linda I'm liking all these great lyrics you compose...
My sails are torn and tattered
Alone and lost at sea
Without the friend in you
I don't know where I'd be...


05/06/13 09:50:45PM @ron-kauffman:
Ahhhh I knew when I saw this collab with Carol it was going to be so sweet! Great tune, excellent lyric.
Peace, Ron


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