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New Collaboration Featuring "Brian Brooks & Mach"

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By: Lyrical Princess
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New Collaboration Featuring "Brian Brooks & Mach"

                                                           Heart of Stone

                                                 Featuring Brian Brooks & Mach

We are all very proud to announce our New song "Heart of Stone". As many of you already know, Brian Brooks & Mach are very well known for their profound musicianship. The music was Brilliantly written to accomodate my lyrics. Between Brians extraordinary vocals and Machs' astounding playing, this song is (IMO) , a remarkable success :)

With that being said, we would all appreciate it so much if you would take a few moments of your day or night, to listen and let us know what you think ...

We hope you'll enjoy.

All The Best,

LP, Brian & Mach

05/02/15 07:28:07PM @tlt50:
Terrific....collab .. , by all. Fantastic lyrics....amazing musicianship
by Mach and Brian. The harmonies are brilliant. Superb work by all .. BRAVO
***** :D


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