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Velvet Impressions

album: Collaberations
genre: Instrumental Rock
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Velvet Impressions
07/08/09 11:10:38AM @vesa:
Looks like a cool collab of familiar artists. Like that synth start with a fine percussion. Then that soaring guitar playing just takes me altered away. Fine tasty playing. Good backup, with neat subtle perky sounds, -fine keys, a great addition. Fie sound all 'round. Most enjoyable...love your choice of sounds. Great! gotta just love that guitar; most inspiring.
EXCELLENT. love this..a relaxing feeling. Worth more listens. Into my faves.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

06/05/09 11:26:25AM @mark-reed:
An apt title, cause this piece is as smooth as velvet. The backing has a quality that allows the guitar to shine. I liked the musical variations that made this a really enjoyable listen. great stuff well done
04/26/11 09:24:34AM @lucindra:
Damn....took half my morning to read the bio......I love my new Roland fantom.....and Ibanez never ceases to amaze me with quality electronics and a speedy neck....anybody that ever played a Prestige or custom....would never buy an American guitar again.....the Japs got it going on.....and so does this collaboration of wonderful musicians....a nice tasty add to my collection......I wanna play with yall !!
10/10/08 07:20:24PM @test4454:
Hi Tommy - this tune is "Velvet Impressions" from the "Collaborations" CD - a Syngularity / RedEyeC tune... you might have uploaded by mistake?
Anyways - the site looks cool!
Cheers, Bob
- And thanks everyone for the kind words ; )))

09/26/08 12:13:04AM @tlt50:
The pristine guitar playing is awesome....love the tone and superb runs.... very good synth sounds laying the foundation for this excellent song....bravo...!!

Larry T.....

09/24/08 01:45:49PM @ab1:
blindfold test: no info so i'll have to guess.. who are those guitar soloists?.. that's bob to start.. incredibly beautiful man.. lovely synth interludes.. bob further.. beautiful chord arps.. bob.. once he starts those repeated arps man.. then takes them high.. awesome.. so that's why i loved it so much the first time.. cause it's bob all the way!.. man I'll say!!! awesome ending passages.. love that minor chord in there.. sure glad i was there.. the old mix.. this was fresh air.. cheers bob :-)
09/24/08 01:37:33PM @ab1:
very nice synth intro.. and it gets bubbly rhythmically.. a subdued lyrical 12/8 symphony.. a perfect stage for M3 guitarists.. and we hears loads of inspired melodies.. runs and arps that describe the chord changes
beautifully.. i'd alway know redeyeC.. who else soloed I'm not shure.. need another listen.. i'll have to look at the info which i should have
looked at before.. this one didn't say in the credits who's on it.. it was awesome of course in any case.. :-)

09/24/08 07:20:27AM @dazed:
stunning comes to mind. this is some stellar musicianship from every category. this is absolutely awesome guys. I would say it is radio ready but most stations do not have enough class to play something like this.
09/24/08 04:45:18AM @ab2:
Velvet Impressions....Deep red and luxurious...That`s the impression I get of this bolt of velvet...Smooth and sensual...Exquisite, with every fold falling exactly where it was intended....A wonderful listen. :-)

Peace n love mags :-)

Rob Grant
09/23/08 05:07:52PM @rayon-vert:
Ohjeeeeze!!! This was an excellent surprise. this fits my mellow mood listening music.....PERFECT!!!! I LOVED it......and the guitar high nots were spine chilling. The synth is pure taste.....EXCELLENT JOB, BOB!!!


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