Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

The Rock Shall Roll

album: unknown
genre: Gospel
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The rock shall roll Patrick Hagerman, Mack& David Sanders Mike Downey, Brian Goodpaster.
The Rock Shall Roll

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Barefoot Music
06/24/14 10:40:15AM @barefoot-music-group:
Very striking gospel sound, love bluegrass.
Farrell Jackson
05/12/11 10:16:40AM @farrell-jackson:
I can hear you on the harmony Mack. This definitely has the Foggy Mountain sound.....bluegrass gospel cool!


05/12/11 12:41:14AM @elanie11:
Bravo!! Mack David Sanders,Patric Hagerman, Mike Downey, Brian Goodpaster. Excellent collab. so spiritual love it!!
Cherrs to you guys and congratulation. Guys are brilliant!!
all the best, Apple. :)

05/11/11 09:07:44PM @jciliom:
Dig the uptempo and happiness to this song. Glad to hear the praises to God in this place. Great production and vocals, and harmonies on this song. Can definitely be used in film and television. This is great down home Gospel. Keep it coming! Peace and Blessings


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