Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

about 'Eternal Light'

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-16
about 'Eternal Light'

in the universe time is
not what it seems like
as to you and me
here on earth
I mean was it not just
a blink of an eye ago
or a lifetime
that your mother gave birth?

I fell in love once
madre mía ages have gone by
with a girl yesterday
somewhere on a train
and now two crazy
lifetimes later
I still love her
isn't that insane?

to me this is not
to me it means the world
'coz its' how I feel
it's why I try
to live as well as I can
for myself and for her
a very important deal...

important enough
to have made it into a song

of which I post a first recording
sung by a wonderful very young

yet undiscovered talent
with whome I hope you'll sing along

who the owner is
of that pure and direct voice
I want it to remain a secret 
when we release it I'll tell you

I need to finetune first
which takes a little bit of time
I hope way beyond the day
that I'll say i did and I do


Here's the demorecording:


Have a nice day!

Love, Marco


Shot to Bits

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-15
Shot to Bits

too many stupid things I did

list is long I got to admit

and I been payin' dearly

for those bits I shot to shit


stupid things could've led to crime

couldn't see it comin' didn't give a dime

couldn't ask myself am I conscient

was unconscious anyway half the time


stupid things that I have learned

countless bridges that I burned

people around me that have been in pain

no friends at all that I really have earned


too many stupid things I did

list is long I got to admit

and I been payin' dearly

for those bits I shot to shit


for a time couldn't live with what was left

stealin' from one's soul's a damn' capital theft

kept tryin' to lift me up all the time alone

couldn't heave it no longer too heavy that heft


at times decided enough's enough

oh I did get help I suppose from above

sittin' down though on guilt hist'ry will be repeated

no forgiving no glory no hope and no love


too many stupid things I did

list is long I got to admit

and I've been payin' dearly

for those bits I shot to shit


it doesn't really matter no more

decided to open a different door

I don't any longer sit down on guilt

with a mirror I pick myself up off the floor


all I get back is just one simple smile

and it's more than good enough to last me for a while

a day's all I need for me to complete

that smile shows I'm not in denial


too many stupid things I been doin'

list is real long ooh I got to admit

light me a candle babe yours' I have lit


'coz I paid enough and too dearly

yeah I paid enough and too dearly

babe I paid enough too dearly

ain't I paid enough too dearly

for all those things I did


'Shot to Bits'  © M.Akamawa


Felt a bit down when I woke up just now, but 

feeling way better...

OWW ain't that the magic of song-writing?!? I think I'll give it a cool late 70's Status Quo thump...


Have a nice day y'all!

Makin' Love Between Tulips

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-14
Makin' Love Between Tulips

perhaps it's becoming a cliché

nevertheless important to me

I've stopped fighting all my windmills

in my dreams countless tulips I see





I wake up and they're still all over

but now I find myself alone

it's raining it's wet got no clothes on

and I shiver I'm cold to the bone


in search of the warmth within me

I close my eyes to take my medication

still I shiver there between those tulips

stuck forever in yoga meditation


I wanna go back makin' love between tulips

can't go back to somethin' that's never been

so I go forward makin' love between tulips

and pray it's all real that my dreaming has seen


Wishing you all a great day!

Love, Marco


P.S. : "Hmmm... Akamawa you should make this a song"

Akamawa : "Great idea Pepe Sapientíssimus!"

P.S. : "a blues would be the better option"

Akamawa : "Top, Pepe, I've just registered it! It's called 'Makin Love Between Tulips' © M.Akamawa, thank you"

P.S. : "Hmmm... you are welcome, my young friend."

Letting Go

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-13
Letting Go

sometimes I just wish

I wish I could change

the people around me

and those further away


I wish I could mould them

so that I could lead them

to go where I'm going

so that they won't stay


where I seem to be stuck

wishing to mould them

there I seem to be stuck

in my own head today


P.S.: "Hmmm... Akamawa, ever heard of letting go?"

Akamawa: "No, Pepe"

P.S.: "Liar"

Akamawa: "Yes, Pepe"

P.S.: "Hmmm..."

Akamawa: "Thanks, Pepe Sapentíssimus" 


Wishing y'all a nice day!

Love, Marco


By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-12

there's an endless road ahead of me
don't know where it'll lead
I find myself at a crossroads
where sanity and lunacy meet
sunshine so sane is ruling my thoughts
my moon close-by in gentle retreat
I smile and continue
when I look over my shoulder
still smiling I continue
I saw a good deed

Have a great day y'all!




manic moonday...

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-11
manic moonday...

Sooo totally overslept

which is no wonder at all,

the whole or most part of last night

I was really havin'a ball

Toni was spinnin'some of my songs

on steamin'streamin' Mixstream Radio

where all of us were guests of honor

on her Barefoot Rock 'n Blues show

I'm actually tired now

feel like goin' back to bed,

no time though today is my moonday off

so í'll just go do lunatic things instead.



Love ya,



- P.S.: "Hmmm... the pictured painting is Susan Boulet's..." 

- AKAMAWA: "Mmmm...Thank you Pepe Sapientíssimus"





By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-10

feelin' sour feelin' sweet

SUPERMOON today I launch 'Moonlight'

and I wonder where it'll lead

right now can't concentrate can't think

hear heavy bass-lines melodies rockin'

gotta quickly write a song

before into oblivion we sink

before I'm totally swept off my feet




my mind is racing

I can't sleep

my ups too high

my downs too deep

I'm jumpin' here

from left to right

feet stuck on the ground

head a stringless kite


my head a stringless kite

my heart it aches for you

wanna dive into your universe babe

wanna dive into your universe

deep deep inside your universe

won't ever leave your universe

ooh that's exactly what this lover

in love with you

wants to do


'Supermoon' © M.Akamawa

Aug. 10 2014
















By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-09

G O O D M O R N I N G  W O R L D !


After hectic months of travelling, moving house, problem-solving at one of the charities I work with, and a short period of retreat into my own head to find some much-needed balance I'm finally getting back to my old self, oooff, i thought I lost it there for the past thirty years or so! LOL

I woke up this morning, did my Yoga-medication one hour later than usual, posted my new blues-single 'Autumn Blues' on FB ( ) and immediately got a nice reaction from Toni Taylor, (one of the greatest Mixposure Radio DJ's and the only one I know), put up a couple of songs here on Mixposure, (maxxed out after 5 songs so I had to upgrade to Gold for 30 bucks a year which I did... my PayPal a/c 's empty again, so I gotta go clickin' on Artist Signal ASAP (wanna give me a hand? >>>  ) and made a decision..:

I usually run my own webserver, (there's a big cat called 'Routine' purring at my feet right now) but in my new home the ADSL I'net-connection really is too slow for web-serving. Upgrading to fibre is for the time being no option... 

My financial situation right now is pretty disastrous, especially since I'm desperately trying to keep the MAWA charity afloat after we had serious problems when asbestos was found at our new location and literally ALL our gear, tools, stock was destroyed and lost.

I usually run a blog on Routine at  to get rid of the daily misery in my head to make you laugh so that I feel better, [meaning that if I don't, things will pile up until spontaneous self-combustion and explosion follow], so since I paid those 30 bucks anyway, I thought I might as well make good use of 's excellent website and house my blogging and MAWAMUSIC site here...


So... here it is: Akamawa's first blogpost on Mixposure.


Pepe Sapientíssimus is back! (well... He never really left...)

Usually I don't write lengthy chapters like this one today, simply coz I lack the time and am also busy writing my novel 'Bats & Butterflies'; what I usually do is blog a poem (if the poem's lucky it becomes a song) about yesterday. Not about day-before-yesterday or last year, but yesterday. Total honesty is paramount.  

It's my way of keeping my head together in relative sanity, for I can't live with grudges or resentment. Call it 'therapy' if you want (as long as I'm not around to hear you say it).

Heck, I even invented my own Private Psychiatrist called Pepe Sapientíssimus! Pepe's nearly fifty years younger than me -in this life at least- and also a thousand times wiser than I am.

He usually sits on my right shoulder, although He does sometimes change to my left when he needs different perspective.

To make a long story short... (coz I really gotta go do other serious stuff) my blog-sessions here will cover my private talks to Pepe.

I'm including a photo of Pepe so you can see that He's very real, that I'm perfectly sane, and that Pepe is not just one of my crazy fantasies...

" Hmmm..."

"oh hi Pepe You are here"

"We always were akamawa dear"

"i've just re-intoduced You on my new blogging-stage..."

"why don't you also mention Our Facebook page"

"coz You emptied it there's nothin' to see"

"then We better start fill it up again together you and Us"



Well World, here's Pepe Sapientíssimus' FB page with Worldly Wisdom soon To Be...


Now I really gotta go 'coz I've a gig in 3 1/2 hours...

wish y'all a great day!




















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