Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

Makin' Love Between Tulips

By: Marco Akamawa
Makin' Love Between Tulips

perhaps it's becoming a cliché

nevertheless important to me

I've stopped fighting all my windmills

in my dreams countless tulips I see





I wake up and they're still all over

but now I find myself alone

it's raining it's wet got no clothes on

and I shiver I'm cold to the bone


in search of the warmth within me

I close my eyes to take my medication

still I shiver there between those tulips

stuck forever in yoga meditation


I wanna go back makin' love between tulips

can't go back to somethin' that's never been

so I go forward makin' love between tulips

and pray it's all real that my dreaming has seen


Wishing you all a great day!

Love, Marco


P.S. : "Hmmm... Akamawa you should make this a song"

Akamawa : "Great idea Pepe Sapientíssimus!"

P.S. : "a blues would be the better option"

Akamawa : "Top, Pepe, I've just registered it! It's called 'Makin Love Between Tulips' © M.Akamawa, thank you"

P.S. : "Hmmm... you are welcome, my young friend."


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