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Marco Akamawa

about 'Eternal Light'

user image 2014-08-16
By: Marco Akamawa
about 'Eternal Light'

in the universe time is
not what it seems like
as to you and me
here on earth
I mean was it not just
a blink of an eye ago
or a lifetime
that your mother gave birth?

I fell in love once
madre mía ages have gone by
with a girl yesterday
somewhere on a train
and now two crazy
lifetimes later
I still love her
isn't that insane?

to me this is not
to me it means the world
'coz its' how I feel
it's why I try
to live as well as I can
for myself and for her
a very important deal...

important enough
to have made it into a song

of which I post a first recording
sung by a wonderful very young

yet undiscovered talent
with whome I hope you'll sing along

who the owner is
of that pure and direct voice
I want it to remain a secret 
when we release it I'll tell you

I need to finetune first
which takes a little bit of time
I hope way beyond the day
that I'll say i did and I do


Here's the demorecording:


Have a nice day!

Love, Marco



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