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Marco Akamawa

up shitcreek

user image 2014-08-19
By: Marco Akamawa
up shitcreek

This is the essence of a call I received yesterday from my publisher,

and ofcourse I'm so totally up shitcreek now

should have called them first instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen,

I've got my book to finish and have no idea how










"mister Akamawa we are wondering,

is there anything in which we can assist?"


-in other words Akamawa you're pondering

for 4 months now it's our deadline that you missed-


"I know I missed a deadline sir

there wasn't much I've been able to do


I was stirring my spoon as it would occur

for the past few months in some other stew"


"offering help is the sole purpose of our call

is everything ok or can you do with some coaching?"


we do not mean to pressure you sir, oh no not at all

but the agreed publishing-date is rapidly approaching"


"I just need more time is all sir there is nothing else

I swear to you sir no coaching all is very very fine


I will give you Bats & Butterflies with all whistles and bells

you just give me a new date I promise I won't cross that line"



Why do I always wanna do everything myself?

this way any book won't ever be on any shelve


Why is it so difficult for me to bow my head?

fully knowing all I do is fill my own shoes with lead


...HA! I got a topic, excited now and at the same time I'm zen

bye folks have a nice day, Marco Akamawa's off writing again 

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Love it!


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