Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

VIRUS 2 -the combat

user image 2014-09-10
By: Marco Akamawa
VIRUS 2 -the combat

at 5 o clock precisely

routinely got out of bed

used my yoga meditation right

travelled the world from toes to head


and now that I have sort of

fought that loving battle game

I tell me how I feel

tellin' you I don't feel the same


you're tryin to tell a story

in my head I can hear you sing

your highpitched numbing sound

a not too unpleasant thing


you're tryin to make me yours

multiplying inside my body

I welcome the resistance

although it makes me snotty


you're tryin to wear me down

by settling inside my bronchae

you're a pretty vicious thing

at least that's what you tell me


you're tryin to seduce me

by makin me sleep strange hours

while on my turf you seed weed

I'm elsewhere pickin flowers


you're tryin to embrace me

in your cozy countless arms

but you're also upsetting my stomach

she won't fall for your churning charms


won't give myself to you

for I am not even mine

to the same source we belong

but hey here you're way out o'line


now listen little virus

you're fighting a loosing battle

if you'd make me disappear

where in heavens' would you settle


now that I've identified you

while knowing myself a bit better

my words they tell us where to go

so let's follow them to the letter


I take another sip of water

it contains some lemon juice

I follow it travel inside me

my own sword crossin' the flu's

Have a great one Y'All!
Love, Marco



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