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Don't Want to Dance Alone

By Marco Akamawa, 2015-03-18
Don't Want to Dance Alone

We wrote it,  we sang it, and made this..:  Don't Want To Dance Alone...  

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'Eternal Light' in contest

By Marco Akamawa, 2015-01-13
'Eternal Light' in contest

Hello dear People,

I've decided to put 'Eternal Light' in contest because of my personal involvement in this epic and ongoing true story of a boy and a girl (both of different nationality and background) that at early age fell in love. Both led separate lives in very different circumstances, living unknowingly at the same time in the same (4 very different) cities in the world, and coincidentally met again (in 2014, at the same place in Spain where they met 35 years earlier). Their love for eachother remained unchanged. 

I chose Swedish Cassie 'Rebel' Rugg to sing this song because of her (pure yet undeveloped) talent and because of her age (14 years old); the same age as the girl in the story was when we met on that train in Spain.

I invited German (rock)lead-guitarist Jogi Vetter to play part of the solo, due his overall virtuosity and experience in most genres except romantic ballad (as reflection on the boy in the story, because I only started in music nearly 2 years ago, at age 50)

The reason I wrote 'Eternal Light' was because meeting the girl again after all this time has profoundly changed my life; the way I live, love, act, react and believe. 



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