Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

for you I AM

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-09-06
for you I AM

'for you I AM'


[singing Sâââh]

the universe an infinite beginning

a constant turning of the wheel


[to be Tâââh]  

places bound'ries round my existence

hence for the universe i kneel


[naming Nâââh]

death today a messenger of hope

i am allowed letting go of the past


[making Mâââh]

another horizon comes into distance

a new impression may forever last

photo © M.Akamawa


with good friends and great people

great gifts we all receive 
great gifts to be fully used

this is the first song of 'wahe guru'
a kundalini album in the making

to soon give your day a positive boost


Have a nice day, Y'ALL

Love, Marco

'for you I AM' sept. 6 2014 © MAWAMUSIC 


By Marco Akamawa, 2014-09-05

ooops I so totally overslept

that there is no time at all

to be looking for words

too well-hidden in my head


so I hurry hurry and just link a pic

on my blog here and on my fb wall

to make you listen Dear World

playin' an old cover of mine instead


of letting you listen to a new song 

I've been working on till late

which is the reason i totally overslept

while sleeping well over 4 hours straight


Have a nice day, Y'All!

'Ordinary Love' cover by M.Akamawa

'Light a Candle'

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-09-04
'Light a Candle'

last night I was working on a cover

before I went to bed

with a rising star I'll sing be singing

some-one else's song in duet


this morning when I woke up

i did feel rather sad

so I wrote a new one in my own words

feelin' better now instead:


oh I hope that you can hear me

sweet summer moon of mine

forever's lastin' way too long yeah

we both don't have the time


to live our lives in dreams

while livin' on our shrine

forever's just too long

sweet summer moon of mine


centuries they have passed

and today pass way too fast

I am scared that I'll get lost

that forever... might not last


the only thing I know

is the only thing I feel

lonely captain on this ship

all alone behind the wheel


ent. lead solo


oh I hope that you can hear me

sweet summer moon of mine

forever's just too long

we both don't have the time

to live our lives in dreams

sweet summer moon of mine


short oboe solo


oh baby I can hear you

I feel the light you shine

cannot see you it's ok though

oooh bright summer sun of mine


forever does not last

at least not in our time

forever is too long

sweet summer sun of mine


me:  "oh I hope that you can hear me..."

she: "ooooh shine my love just shine"

me:  "I need you babe around me"

she: "ooooh now is not the time"

me:  "where are you I can't see you"

she: "one day you will be mine"

me:  "oh I wish that you could hear me"

she: "light us a candle on our shrine"




centuries they have passed

and won't come back no more

too scared that we'll get lost

in pain of open sore


the only thing I know

is that I first must heal

to be related to our ship

and captain behind the wheel


she: "sweet summer sun of mine..."

me:  "oh baby I can hear you..."

she: "I need your light around me"

me:  "I'm with you all the time"


I close my eyes to see ya

and put your hand in mine

the light that we both shine

lights that candle on our shrine


lead git solo


I close my eyes to see ya

and put your hand in mine

the liiiiight that we both shiiiine

lights the candle on our shrine ...

lead git & oboe solo fading to end



'Light a Candle' by M. Akamawa

sept. 4 2014 © MAWAMUSIC


Wishing Y'All a great day!

Love Marco

Sat Nam Sun GoodMorning

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-09-03
Sat Nam Sun GoodMorning

father heaven, mother earth, i hear your voice

your breath in the wind is calling me back


insignificant i remain unless i accept

that as your child i share your love, power and wisdom 


part of nature because she is me

part of earth i am part of the universe


forever linked to the spirit

connecting my father, me and my son


father heaven, mother earth, hear my voice

your breath in the wind brings me direction


it whispers that all i give and receive

is passed on and returned to you


photo M.Akamawa

just wanted to share my morning-prayer with you,

in the hope Y'All have a great day!

Love, Marco


letter to Routine

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-09-02
letter to Routine

my good old server called Routine


she let me down and I've never seen


her do this any time before


I hope it's not her dual-core



last night when I was working

on a site called  FriendsforFriends

I happily heard her purring

but have not heard her since


her disks and there are four of them

they are ok coz I just checked

and both her little hearts still beat

relief that they're not whacked


her eighty zillion bytes of ram

can still uphold her thought

maybe it is only

a little cold she caught


so while I'm writing this

with a thermometer stuck in her bum

I realize that AYAYAY

I'm plain and stupidly dumb


her bootsection I changed it myself

and after I went to sleep

she tried to upgrade like an old girl would

which boot-kicked her into a coma so deep


oooff now while I'm still writing this

I sent a new letter to Routine

gave her a warm kiss and cold reboot too

she's as happy now as she's ever been

Have a nice day Y'All
Love, Marco

Hurry Hurry

By Marco Akamawa, 2014-09-01
Hurry Hurry

hurry hurry

no time to waste

long live my work

long live my haste

except for me

if I don't take time

for myself

to give a dime

well dear people, that was a quicky
for the time being
'coz I keep lookin' at my watch
which by the way is all I'm seeing

Have a great one Y'All!
Love, Marco

wishing hope and strength, to a very dear friend

with a loving smile

I think of you

beloved mother

of many children


you're being called

to continue your journey

from this great world

into a next


it is with awe

and immense respect

that I look back

to yesterday


june last year

when I first met you

when I knew

and understood


the impact you gave me

lives on in my heart

I know my soul

will thrive on it


so that one day

in another future

I can look at you

and I can say


so good to see you

beloved Engely

and still will wear 

the loving smile

that I wear

every day


By Marco Akamawa, 2014-08-30

Yesterday I wrote a poem about a dream,

today I blog about how this dream takes shape... 


Friends for Friends organization in a nutshell:

F4F consists of 4 'units': [ FANS ] < > [ ARTISTS ] < > [ SPONSORS ] < > [ CHARITIES ] , where all units interact in support of eachother, ultimately providing a supportive inheritance to children worldwide.

  • F4F provides an interactive website, (including individual webpages for [ARTISTS] and [CHARITIES]), will organize and assist in promoting events, shows, publicity-campaigns, concerts, fund-raisers, dinners, expositions, promotion of young artistic talent, awareness of causes etc.
  • F4F reserves 19% of total revenue to ensure growth, balance is divided over the participating [CHARITIES], at all times in a fully transparent manner .
  • [CHARITIES] typically are small non-profit groups that locally operate to the (direct or indirect) benefit of children and mothers, worldwide. Each charity must provide clear insight (on their F4F web-pages) of how donations are used.
  • [SPONSORS] are individuals or companies that already contribute in any way to the earths' wellbeing. Sponsoring companies can be linked to the F4F website, and advertise.

Any ideas or questions? Let us know at  , send a PM on our Facebookpage at  F4F on FB  or simply write to: friendsforfriendsorg [at] gmail . com


The aim is to have F4F fully up and running on Friday Dec.5 2014 (St. Nicholas festival, an important day for kids).
Joining FRIENDS for FRIENDS officially starts on Saturday Oct. 4 2014.

and last but not least:

For ( much needed ) venture-capital donations can be made via PayPal (min. 2 US$)  HERE   *  


Have a great day, Y'All!
Love, Marco

* a FRIENDS for FRIENDS org PayPal account will be up and running latest Sept. 15, for time being the MAWA-products account can be used.   
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