Maria Daines
Maria Daines

One Love in a Lifetime

album: Untitled - 03-09-11
genre: Ballad
streams: 90

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'One Love in a Lifetime'Oh gentle spirit of my heartYou've taught me all I need to knowYou lean on me I lean on youAnd both of us have watched you growFrom...
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A song for Sian and Gavin for their wonderful dog Custard, which was written as part of a fund raising project 'song in a million' for rescue dogs in the...
One Love in a Lifetime
09/07/11 07:27:18AM @mel:
Well that's just great!!! Sitting here, mascara running down my face and no tissue!! All of us animal lovers can relate to these beautiful words that are perfectly sung with such kindness by you. Just lovely and how wonderful you are with all your hard work.Going to go and blow my nose now! Melsi x
Mista Perez
09/06/11 07:41:56AM @mista-perez:
Love the acoustics and the vocals. Lyrics are primo on this. Good to hear a well written song every now and then. I love Mixposure.
stephan foster
09/05/11 01:03:25PM @stephan-foster:
Such a lovely tune - so fine all around. Had my mandolin out playing along. Thanks for posting!
09/04/11 06:45:24PM @maria-daines:
Hi Pete,

Thank you for your very kind review and heartfelt message, we feel the same and our dogs are our family too.

It's a great compliment that you'd like to play this song on your radio show, if this is the email address - I will send it to you in the morning.

With best wishes
Maria & Paul xx

09/04/11 03:10:11PM @bigpete:
beautiful performance, very emotional, and very emotional for me for someone who lives with his dog, I know they are much more than pets, they're friends and family with faithfull and loving. Great musical production with sophisticated arrangements, classic Maria, I'd love to get a copy of this track for my Mixposure radio show, The Ride, if you can I'd appreciate it and the listeners also, , thanks.


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