Mark Reed
Mark Reed
Mark Reed

Trial of the Stag

album: Folk rock
genre: Folk-Rock
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This piece is a folk rock thing which has two melodies working with each other over a fairly basic rhythm sequence. It finishes with a slightly rocky guitar...
Trial of the Stag
09/06/11 10:02:47AM @cooter:
This is quite interesting, Mark. Engaging melody, and nicely played, good sir. Enjoyed listening.


08/26/11 07:01:39AM @bri-an:
i would imagine it was quite difficult to hold to the consistence of the playing during a ditti like this...especially with a tone in the upper freq's registar...woooo... kool work.
08/26/11 06:17:11AM @durod:
Fast paced tune with an Irish feel to it. Well played and a cool composition; wasn't ready for that ending though! Was it supposed to just stop like that at the end?


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