Martin Elliott
Martin Elliott

A Perfect Sky

album: Sob Story
genre: Art Rock
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Older track recorded before studio upgrade
A Perfect Sky
11/24/10 09:03:06PM @cooter:
Love it, Martin.

A very full sound with sparse instrumentation, quite appealing, to my ears. Love the cymbal swell to marry the intro to the first verse. I find this interesting at every turn. Your vocal is outstanding. Such a well written tune.

Love it.


05/16/10 11:15:52AM @mark-cloutier:
Really enjoyed your singing--alot of soul and beautifully written tune!!Relaxing for my ears after a loud saturday night!!You have nice vocal bravado! Thanks for the ride!
Luca Wulf
05/10/10 02:25:37PM @huge-artist:
Ah the good old omd advice.
Ignore it all,including whatever I say.

Another very nice bit of song writing IMHO.
As a follow from my "Grunge" thoughts,I see this as the next5 step that grunge made,back toward rock music with bands like Pearl Jam.

It's got that mellow/power structure that they do so well.
I am sure Eddie and the guys would pay a nice some of money to claim this song as their own.

Should be proud of what you are doing mate.
Just by the two I have heard here,I get the feeling there is a lot more,and one heck of a lot of thought goes into the writing process.
Either that or it is as natural to you as breathing...
Yep,that's it.
It's all what you are.

Long may you continue mate.
For my pennies,this is a real gem of a song.


05/09/10 09:28:46PM @the-bard-brothers:
I concur that this is a great opening, familiar but still engaging. I am not one to talk as I use reverb on my vocals, but I'd scale them back and bring you vocals more up front here. You have a nice delivery here, there's no need to hide it in effects. I like the chord shifts; I hear the Northwestern influence and that's a good thing. I'd use harmonies in the vocals from 2:30 to 2:45 to add to the build up, raising the strings as well to jump into the lead. I say all this because the song does grab me.
Incarnate Word
05/09/10 12:08:40PM @incarnate-word:
I like the intro. kinda zeppelin and zebra. has a very crisp vocal track. great performance.also has a very alternative feel but that goes without saying. great tune here.
05/09/10 02:14:51AM @000:
GREAT! Vocals really shine and really cool chords and progression. Pretty good mix too! I really enjoyed this track. Nice work!
Farrell Jackson
05/08/10 09:26:11AM @farrell-jackson:
I like the bass harmony in the intro and the great chord structure. The vocal comes in strong, made me jump lol, but excellent performance. Enjoyed the listen!



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