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Martin Valins
Martin Valins

Love Is Here To Stay

album: Arcadia
genre: Rock
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Love Is Here To Stay Martin Valins On a night  My dreams will come true cause on that night  I will spend with you I look at you I watch you dance I...
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From my album “Arcadia”   The album is a collection of songs that are built around the search for Arcadia. The Greek legend of a mythical and unspoiled...
Love Is Here To Stay
Martin Valins
09/09/18 01:43:07PM @martin-valins:
Hi @carol-sue Thank you so much - Your kind and supportive words makes it all worthwhile. I will be posting more from Arcadia this week. I am also thinking I should post some songs from my band Salisbury. Have a great day and thank you so much . I just love the work you do with Ron - Cheers Martin x
carol sue
09/09/18 11:04:00AM @carol-sue:
Love is here to stay! :)
Fantastic song and performance from you, Martin!

You have a huge collection of music to enjoy, awesome you for sharing!
I just have to say.. for the hand-full of songs I have heard from you.. I am very impressed!

Keep doing what you do so well~ :)


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