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If I Thought By Martin Valins

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“If I thought” is the final track to be released on You Tube from my album “Songs For Dreams”. Thank you for all the love and support you have shown and shared for this album. Thank you to Samantha Rose and Monica Bergo for your amazing contributions.

Will be back soon with more songs. So here is “If I Thought” about the conversations we have or should have to ensure we always see and love each other.

Martin x

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If I Thought - Martin Valins

I never really knew you
But I always knew you were there
And how would I ever miss you so darling
If I thought you didn’t care
…………….. you didn’t care

I never had my moment
To share my love with you
We were never alone but
Its time to start a new
Yes its time to talk it through

Living our lives
But not living for each day
We could lose all we have
Thats the price we could pay

We must have a moment
I want to be be near
We can never go on living
If I thought you didn’t care
…………….you didn’t care

Yes we must have our moment
When you and I could share
Just a lifetime together
Then I’ll know you really care
Will have a love to share

Then I’ll know you really care
Yes Ill know you really care…….

©martinvalinsmusic 2017


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