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Day three on the trek. Monument Valley was the primary goal of the trip. Despite loosing a camera the previous day, this Christmas Eve was one of discovery and elation. It began well before first light with a run up US Hwy 163 to Oljato, Utah. The intention was to catch the mesas and spires with the predawn sky as a backdrop. The dawn did not disappoint.

Reaching Monument Valley as the sun rose was a treat. The sun rose lighting Sentinel Mesa, Merrick Mesa, and the Mitten Buttes. It was a grand way to start the day. I found the BFRs that I had dreamed about for years. I also found sand dunes, yet another treat. The loop through Monument Valley is 17 miles of dirt road. I was there in winter and there were very few people and very little dust. Unfortunately, later in the afternoon the sky became obscure with high thin clouds forcing an early exit in search of sun.

I returned to Moke Dugway, a terrorizing strip of road that I had stumbled upon some 35 years ago. This time it was from the south as it scales the side of Cedar Mesa. The final shots of the day were From the west end of Cedar Mesa looking south toward Oljato and Monument Valley with the DBH of the San Juan River Gorge in between. By my calculations there is a vertical drop of almost a half mile to the bottom of the gorge. The clouds, cold, wind, and waning light called an end to the day. Back to Kayenta, AZ for some food and sleep. The next day would also start early.

The music track is named Whims. It is from 2010 and is one of my personal favorites. The quiet lead combined with the rumbling of the baritone guitar does mimic the fragile yet immense monoliths of the valley. The rhythm is a Taylor 6 sting baritone while the lead was played with a D'Angelico EX-DC.




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