Megan Metcalfe
Megan Metcalfe

Map Of The World

album: Map Of The World
genre: Pop/Americana
streams: 39

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Map Of The World I could love your mind right off it's hinges, make you call my name out in the middle of the night but I'm in the darkness of your red...
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This, folks, is what I'm working on right now. I was blessed beyond description to be joined on this song by the phenomenal rhythm section usually gracing...
Map Of The World
03/17/15 08:32:28PM @megan-metcalfe:
Hey, Big thanks to Nikki, Robin Larry, Toni and Doug for the kind guys make me want to keep writing and to go deeper than ever with what I do. Much, much appreciated. Thanks. Always!
03/17/15 07:08:57AM @nmc-music-nikki:
Wow, fabulous vocals! Solid musical flow. I love storytellers and songs that have meaning behind them. That's Map of the World. Fan! ~NMc Music (Nikki)
03/03/15 06:15:18PM @robin-delorenzo:
I was looking for songs to give reviews to so I can upload more songs to my profile and I hit M, and it took all of a couple notes to keep me listening.
02/23/15 11:59:47PM @tlt50:
Hi Megan ,

From the first few notes in the intro , I knew I was in for an incredible listen , and I wasn't disappointed. The music as performed by that amazing rhythm..was awesome.A beautifully crafted song...The icing on the cake was your vocals , harmonies and lyrics. What a joy having you at the MIX. **Bravo**

All the best,
Larry T

02/23/15 09:42:51PM @megan-metcalfe:
With pleasure, I will, I promise. Thanks, and big LOVE.
Barefoot Music
02/23/15 08:23:17PM @barefoot-music-group:
Oh Megan.... the timing of finding your "Map of the World" just now is wonderfully serendipitous to my mood at this moment. Your music always resonates so easily within.
Welcome Megan Metcalf to Mixposure, keep bring us more Megan love please!


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