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Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley

Sorrow by Candle Light

album: OUT SOON !
genre: Blues
streams: 777

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I cant stop watching the table to my right The seat beside her has been empty all night Some fool has left her all alone tonight I see her sorrow by candle...
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This one took me a long time to put together...happens when I actualy have to PLAY everything <G>  The flute AND the Sax are played from my guitar -...
Sorrow by Candle Light
05/23/16 11:30:48PM @moquinn:
an older song of yours obviously from the dates on all the reviews ~ but, I must say that I love it ~ a versatile musician & fine smooth singer of these sad lyrics Sorrow by Candle Light ~ you set the scene & I can see the visual ~ way back in the day I had been there many times myself, as I'm sure we all have ~ a fine touching song beautifully done
08/25/10 12:34:23PM @mark-reed:
This is a crooners delight, simple backing to support a tremendous vocal performance. This song has atmosphere tension and a compelling lyric. They don't come much better
03/06/08 09:24:56PM @david-c-deal:
OOOH, what a sadly beautiful song. When I read your lyrics they just seemed so real and so compassionate. I could picture the whole scene from your lyrics. Wonderful job. I am amazed at that sax sound through your GR-20. That works pretty darn well. Really beautiful!
Dave Deal

Farrell Jackson
12/27/07 09:49:54AM @farrell-jackson:
The flute and sax sound like the real instruments instead fo coming from a synth guitar, nice!
Great vocal work! I enjoyed listening to this one.


12/20/07 07:23:29AM @ab2:
Well now..........This is what you said about this.....

"This one took me a long time to put together...happens when I actualy have to PLAY everything

The flute AND the Sax are played from my guitar - to a Roland GR-20 guitar synth.

The guitars and bass are my Variax 700 acoustic and my funky Switch_Music electric thru a Digitech RP-80"

I have to add that the essence came from you too...:-)

Very nice....There`s something special about Candle Light....Rapster has one too called Candle light..:-)

merry Christmas, :-)

Luv n hugs

mags xx :-)

12/05/07 07:52:48PM @andrew-hay:
Put in some sympathetic strings and a little subtle brass and this could easily be a Bond theme. I do like the thoughtful lyrics. Very good voice, too.
Luca Wulf
12/05/07 07:35:08PM @huge-artist:
Man that chrome flute is BEAUTIFUL...
Real or?...
Likewise on the sax.
This is a delcate and soulful performance.
Beautifuly played and recorded...
I always like sitting listening to songwriters,and they are becoming rarer.
A real nice arangement as well Michael.
The lead was just right for the peace,it became more than the instrument it was played on.
The step up in vocal intensity also worked really well.
As a whole,the song really does flow,with the vocals,telling the lyrics sad story really well.
Perfectly titled,and beautifuly delivered.
A most enjoyable listen.

12/04/07 07:52:22PM @diva:
You've got the pipes, and a flair for delivery. The music is simple and direct -- just right, and a perfect match for a song of this type. I am impressed as hell with this ... ooooh, but your voice. Nice job on a great tune.
11/28/07 03:16:39PM @mark-cloutier:
very nice voice you have!! im very jealous-i nwish i had a voice as good as yours--at least i have my fender--lol--that horn is stunning!!!! mark
11/20/07 06:04:11PM @ab1:
11/19/07 01:52:24PM @rookie:
gotta get me a GR-20 .sax sounds great. really enjoyed this song, crystal clear vocals and a great lyric, and a wonderful production.
11/13/07 11:55:27PM @tlt50:
No blues..............heartfelt and very moving. Great lyrics with strong vocals that make the song .......a totally enjoyable piece of poetic music. Wait,wait..... OK.now I see,you did the sax with your guitar set-up.....You're a man after my own heart. Very impressive to ME....
11/12/07 11:10:54AM @dicarlo-productions:

11/02/07 08:17:53PM @nightrain:
Very Nice. Soft Blues/Jazz I'd say. Nice Vibe and Great Vocals.

11/02/07 03:40:03AM @ace-layton:
Love the soft, distant mood of the sax, like a dark foggy corner in a film noir classic. And your clear, well-controlled voice is the real star here. Beautiful!

SciFiArtMan / Neomorphic Giant

Rob Grant
11/01/07 07:00:29PM @rayon-vert:
GREAT VOCALS!!! Jazzy- Blues feel to me and your vox add a bit beauty to the song. Nice tasty guitar solo, also adds to the mood.........lights low and a cold drink.


Dizzy Fingers Ike
10/27/07 04:06:38AM @dizzy-fingers-ike:
very nice,

i dig the whole vibe, don't know that i'd call this blues but still a cool vibe.

digger stone

Trev M
07/26/07 01:57:22PM @trev-m:
Really nice vibe on this tune, really like the flow, nice work
Musically Mr M
07/10/07 09:09:52PM @archie-mcleod-iii:
Hey FP,

I really like this one. I hate categories however because I don't know if I'd call it blues. It has a kind of a cabaret type feel or even a broadway type of feel. I mean that in the most complimentary way. Great , well executed vocals and the music supports the same. Great production. Great song.


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