Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley

Whole New Way

album: OUT SOON !
genre: Ballad
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Just me and my Switch Electirc guitar...and the new Digitech Vocallist Live 2
Whole New Way
05/29/09 01:50:01PM @mark-reed:
Excellent track, production is top notch. Real soul to this one. great performance well done
02/02/08 04:20:44PM @ofc:
A great demonstration of less is more. The contrast between the vocal effectedparts and clean vocal parts is really nice.I'm not normally a lyric person - but this caught my attention - great voice and love the story you're telling. A+


Farrell Jackson
01/21/08 11:59:55AM @farrell-jackson:
Vocal perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great song! The harmonies are every bit as good as the best of CS&N. Very enjoyable listen and I dig those harmonies...... however they were produced and processed. Nice!


11/04/07 08:05:08AM @lex-zaleta:
EXCELLENT all around! With a voice like yours, you don't need the Digitech Vocalist (but it sure does sound sweet - and I'd better start saving up for one). The guitar work suits this song perfectly, and your lyrics don't disappoint either. One strong tune!
07/12/07 05:37:35AM @jim-sexton:
FP, this is great. Excellent vocals and great lyrics
07/11/07 07:28:46PM @dazed:
Awesome job guys. Harmonies are awesome.

The only thing I can hear that needs attention is the vocals overtake the guitar in areas. I had a hard time hearing the guitar during the harmonies. YMMV!

Seriosly kick ass tune!!

07/11/07 06:03:48PM @trp-recording-studio:
Reminds me of Grand Funk Railroad meets Stephen Stills.... I love this dude!

Great job!

Grumpy Old Player
07/11/07 10:24:04AM @thedonsterproject:
This is a fantastic piece!

Very moving. Oh, great voice! ;)


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