michael palmieri
michael palmieri

Rejoice for Pipe Organ

album: Fantasy - The Music of Michael Palmieri
genre: Classical
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Rejoice for Pipe Organ
Gary Dabrowski
02/13/20 11:05:53AM @gary-dabrowski:
very good Michael!...my musical tastes are very varied, and include listening to classical pipe organ (esp. Bach) and have spent considerable amount of time learning organ works myself...I read your bio and see you have really dedicated yourself to your craft...Bravo!
07/08/08 06:05:58PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Bravo, Michael!!! This is such a wonderful performance! I love this piece. Quite a composition you came up with here. GREAT work!


07/07/08 09:44:40AM @vesa:
Truly a dramatic piece of orchestration. The playing on the keys is so well focused; a good arrangement. I like the repetition of that one phrasing with your fast fingers on I think 3 notes.
Lovely sound mix. Superb Michael.
Your friend. -Vesa.

07/07/08 08:15:44AM @saitkoray:
wooow what a great song...beautiful chords harmonics...medieval..gothic emotions i felt...very well Pipe organ performance...great to listening...thank you my friend...
10/21/08 10:36:54AM @mark-reed:
This comes out of the speakers to greet you, has a Beethoven kind of intro, heavy and dark, then you get into the melody over the arpeggio sequence. that was some performance, very well done


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