Michael Stone
Michael Stone
Michael Stone

The Edge - Michael Stone & The Abyss

album: syncopacity
genre: Electronic, Ethereal
streams: 112

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  The EdgeMusic - LyricsDaryl Holden- Michael Stone   © 2014 APRA-BMI     She's on fire   Fury in her eyes   The edge of desire   That's...
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Michael Stone & Daryl Holden ( Abysss ) team up for another collaboration on The Edge. Composed and recorded in real time between Florida and Australia...
The Edge - Michael Stone & The Abyss
Farrell Jackson
01/19/14 11:11:20AM @farrell-jackson:
Very well done guys! I hear a bit of Jim Morrison in your vocal style here Michael. Abysss, great music production!


Michael Stone
01/19/14 09:53:16AM @michael-stone:
I am so excited by this and future collaborations with Daryl (Abysss) His commitment to excellence lifts everything he touches to a gold standard. Thank you for the kind words. Much more is on the way ....
01/19/14 05:06:04AM @abysss:
My music is driven by Michael's talent .. and with out his voice its just another tune
clapping for ya M ... well done ..

01/19/14 02:40:44AM @david-c-deal:
Michael, class feel from the very opening. I love the production, especially on the sound effects percussion. I see you and Abyss used the connect vst plug in. Obviously that works! Fantastic collab that gets better with each listen. The lyrics give a sense of dramatic mystery that's perfect for the music.


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