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Michael Stone
Michael Stone

Push - w-Abyss-Daryl Holden

album: Single Release
genre: Rock
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  Push Michael Stone-Daryl Holden Music and Lyrics© 2014 BMI-APRA   I'm trying to understand Why you treat me, why you treat me so bad Keep trying to think...
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Michael Stone & Daryl Holden ROCK out! Produced by Abyss Studios
Push - w-Abyss-Daryl Holden
Michael Stone
01/26/14 02:37:02PM @michael-stone:
"Agitated" ... Yeah that's the word ... Heh .... I was having great day recording it David. Thx for the listen. Totally different for sure..... Such is the nature of collaboration.
01/26/14 02:02:00PM @david-c-deal:
Those lyrics make me think somebody was having a bad day! :) Anyhow, I find this collab to be very effective in creating that desperate, agitated frame of mind.


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