Michael Stone
Michael Stone
Michael Stone

You Scare Me w/Abyss

album: Resonance-coming 2019
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 54

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  You Scare Me   Music and LyricsMichael Stone & Daryl Holden© 2014 BMI-APRA       (:12)   You scare me       I know I...
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Michael Stone and Abyss (Daryl Holden) Team up again to write and produce You Scare ME © 2014 BMI-APRA
You Scare Me w/Abyss
Michael Stone
03/03/14 05:48:07PM @michael-stone:
@Margot @Pete-jon-Tebar and @The-truvulgarians, I greatly appreciate your time in listening and commenting on this collaboration with Abyss. Daryl is a true craftsman with sound and a great coach when it comes to finding a better performance from me. I'd probably sing it another 100 times if he'd let me, but alas there's much more in the pipeline to be worked. Slave driver I tell ya !
03/03/14 10:22:54AM @the-truevulgarians:
Very nicely crafted tune gentlemen! Love the use of the delay on Michael's vocal and the unobtrusive musical backing on the song. Just the right blend of both. Crystal clear recording. Just shows what can be accomplished by people who really know what they're doing. Just excellent work! I think these recent collabs with Abysss are some of Michael's finest tunes to date...
margot du bois
03/01/14 01:38:10AM @margot:
Great groove...Love the phrasing and the sinister vibe has the hair standing up on the back of my neck...eeak..! Well worth the listen...much enjoyed..:-)
Michael Stone
02/28/14 08:50:04PM @michael-stone:
Too kind David... It's such a pleasure to work with Daryl.... I love coming up with these lyrical/vocal/melodic pictures to go with those great soundtracks...
02/28/14 08:25:27PM @david-c-deal:
excellent song Daryl and Michael. The production is stellar as always when abysss is involved. That woman you are talking about sounds mysterious. Leaves the listener to fill in the blanks. Vocals are more than fine.


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