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Michael Stone
Michael Stone

Let Me Be Me - LIVE- @ Juice N Java Cocoa Beach Florida

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genre: Acoustic Rock
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  LET ME BE ME       Copyright 2013 ~ Michael Stone Music and Lyrics           Where's there's darkness       Let me be light       Where's there's sadness...
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Recorded live at Juice N Java Cocoa Beach - 2/22/2014A song originally written acapella when I was in a tough spot with some other folks who also needed a...
Let Me Be Me - LIVE- @ Juice N Java Cocoa Beach Florida
Michael Stone
03/02/14 01:39:33PM @michael-stone:
TY Sue.... Great to see you and I'm thrilled you like this. I can't wait to get it fully produced. I'm just looking for the right way to do it. I'm VERY particular on this one........ Farrell thank you as well. I had no guitar where I was when I wrote this, so I was composing in my head and on paper and singing to anyone who would listen. (I'm sure they tried of it) But I really did feel I'd found something special in this song. Now comes the really hard part... Finding it's voice in recording .... Thank you for listening and taklng the time to comment....
Farrell Jackson
03/02/14 01:18:27PM @farrell-jackson:
A interesting story on the development of this song. A-Capella first and then the music was added....great vocals and playing on this live recording. It's the real deal with you just being you!



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