Michael Stone
Michael Stone
Michael Stone

Your Mistake -vocal-piano ONLY

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genre: Singer-songwriter, Romance, Adult contemporary
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  YOUR MISTAKE       © Michael Stone – Music-Lyrics       All the words have been spoken...   It's seems we've both had our say...   Here we stand...
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Music-Lyrics- Michael Stone © 2013  BMIPiano vocal- I never wanted to be your mistake. A song about moving on ....
Your Mistake -vocal-piano ONLY
Barefoot Music
08/21/14 03:26:19PM @barefoot-music-group:
Michael when I say you are "The Voice" this track is a perfect example of what I mean. With just your vocals and piano you are able to touch the heart in ways a full orchestra could not. Brilliant tune!
05/01/14 03:36:23AM @elektronz:
erm nah mate ,,thx but i cant read or write music ,,its pretty much all by ear ,,i know finger shapes to make chords so ill try that ..and improv :)
Michael Stone
04/30/14 10:43:55AM @michael-stone:
Hi Elek .... Starts F-Dm-G if that helps ... Lot's of dim7ths etc. along the way for good measure.... :) Shoot me an email and I'll drop you a copy of the chords if you'd like...
04/30/14 10:17:06AM @elektronz:
this is cool micheal ..tried playing along with it ,,adding some pads but god knows what key this is in so i gave it up as a bad joke lol ...
Michael Stone
04/29/14 08:50:24PM @michael-stone:
Thank you Farrell... I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.....
Farrell Jackson
04/29/14 10:49:02AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a very good song Michael. You're not just a good songwriter but an excellent performer as well. Nicely done with just piano and your voice!



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