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Michael Stone

Blink Of An Eye -Cardboard

album: syncopacity
genre: Electronic, Ethereal
streams: 65

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  Blink Of An Eye   Music & LyricsMichael Stone © 2014 Out here by this highway everyday is where I stand   Holding out hope...
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"Life can change for anyone...in the blink of an eye..." I am thankful everyday. "Blink Of An Eye" Music-Lyrics © 2014-Michael Stone...
Blink Of An Eye -Cardboard
Michael Stone
08/06/14 05:28:51AM @michael-stone:
Hi Rich... I am the same guy on the MP3U Site as well as probably another 50 :) Thank you for listening and your comment... I never considered it had a PF feel, but I'll gladly take that comment.. ~M~
08/06/14 12:56:21AM @lodato:
Hi Mike, I just realized you're the same guy on the MP3U site. Again love this tune. Vocal is recorded perfectly and I love the P. Floyd feel to this.
Michael Stone
05/01/14 02:18:37PM @michael-stone:
Thank you very much. This song means so much to me. I am so pleased you took the time to listen and comment.
Barefoot Music
05/01/14 02:00:59PM @barefoot-music-group:
Hi Michael, yet another track by you that reaches into the spirit and grabs my attention to what is really important.Very powerful lyrics and brilliant production in all ways.


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