Michael Stone
Michael Stone
Michael Stone

Heaven Can Wait (LIVE) w/friends

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genre: Acoustic Rock
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“Heaven can wait” Michael Stone Music-Lyrics © 1978 I don't expect perfection. Still a few more answers, are welcome anytime. There's so many reasons, for...
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"Heaven Can wait" LIVE at a Benefit for Idea Wilde in Loveland, Colorado. 2007 .. David Wohl on Keys, Zjhock the Rock on Drums, Jesse Lee (Bass) and the late...
Heaven Can Wait (LIVE)  w/friends
10/08/14 06:22:28PM @david-c-deal:
Obviously talented I would say. Nothing like playing live with skilled musicians.
Michael Stone
10/08/14 01:35:33PM @michael-stone:
Thanks David... It was great doing all of my tunes with the, We only had to do a few covers.... Pretty talented bunch I tell ya ..
10/08/14 12:53:39PM @david-c-deal:
Pretty snappy song Michael. Sounds like that was a great band to be in.


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