Michael Stone
Michael Stone
Michael Stone

With A Gun - Michael Stone & The Abyss

album: New Beginnings
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 68

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WITH A GUN - Michael Stone & Daryl Holden (The Abyss) © 2015 BMI-APRA Another day another shooting in Orlando (and elsewhere) That...
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WITH A GUN Music & Lyrics Michael Stone-Daryl Holden © 2015 BMI-APRA   The sun made it’s appearance on the horizon. And he thought...
With A Gun - Michael Stone & The Abyss
carol sue
04/22/18 10:16:07AM @carol-sue:
Love this groove~ an awesome tune!!
From one shooter to another.. You guys hit the Bull's-eye!! ;)

05/20/16 02:54:27PM @lodato:
Catchy tune. Love the phone voice. Cool vibe throughout. Nice production to boot!
Michael Stone
05/12/16 09:08:52AM @michael-stone:
Hi Dace.... Here's the story about this song. I originally wrote it as an acoustic tune (think Desperado) Then after I sent it off to Daryl, he turned it into this re-incarnation. This is what a GREAT producer can do for you.


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