Michael Stone
Michael Stone
Michael Stone

New Beginnings

album: New Beginnings
genre: Alternative Rock
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New Beginnings
05/04/17 06:33:05AM @david-c-deal:
I love the intro and the extreme shift. New beginnings.. don't we all need restarts to keep alive!
05/04/17 02:26:06AM @self-tort:
Very powerful track. Excellent vocals with great presence. Lovely guitar work as well. Impressive track all round.
Farrell Jackson
05/02/17 07:38:31PM @farrell-jackson:
Good song! Some fine vocals and guitar. Pristine mix and production.
Mista Perez
05/02/17 09:18:26AM @mista-perez:
This caught me from the very beginning. Nice soft ambient intro. Love your voice you remind me so much of Pink Floyd strong voice my friend. Love the lyrics, production the whole dang song. I'm actually excited hearing a rock song again. Blown away


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