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Michael Stone & Abyss

By: Michael Stone
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Hi all.

I've been asked if Daryl Holden (Abyss) and I are coming out with new material.

The answer to that would be yes, I believe. I had asked Daryl for some personal time off due to some health issues, that persist to this day.

But, it is difficult for me to not pursue music with a man who is a writing and production prodigy. His music, my lyrics-vocals and melodies seem to meld into one seamless sort of creation that defies description.

So, yes I hope we will create together again soon. We've opened a cautious dialogue on this point.

I am also pursuing some other personal approaches that I don't think interest Daryl. Such is the conundrum of creation. :)

Thanks for your interest, and thanks to Mixposure for the opportunity to expose our original material for all to judge on it's own merits!

~Michael Stone~


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