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I've been here TEN years !

By Michael Stone, 2018-06-13
I've been here TEN years !

Hey all

I just realized I will be a member of Mixposure for ten years as of July 19th. As an artist and of course also my stint as a DJ. Time flies when you're loving music.

Check out my newest song: Boots On The Ground .

All the best !
~Michael Stone~

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Michael Stone & Abyss

By Michael Stone, 2016-12-17

Hi all.

I've been asked if Daryl Holden (Abyss) and I are coming out with new material.

The answer to that would be yes, I believe. I had asked Daryl for some personal time off due to some health issues, that persist to this day.

But, it is difficult for me to not pursue music with a man who is a writing and production prodigy. His music, my lyrics-vocals and melodies seem to meld into one seamless sort of creation that defies description.

So, yes I hope we will create together again soon. We've opened a cautious dialogue on this point.

I am also pursuing some other personal approaches that I don't think interest Daryl. Such is the conundrum of creation. :)

Thanks for your interest, and thanks to Mixposure for the opportunity to expose our original material for all to judge on it's own merits!

~Michael Stone~

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By Michael Stone, 2016-12-17

Hey all...

I'm surprise I've received NO response to my call for media of any kind for an upcoming "Boots On The Ground" video I'm producing for a song of the same name.

I know we have vets in this audience and would appreciate any input for this project.


~Michael Stone~

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A Call For Audio - Video - Photos

By Michael Stone, 2016-12-14

Hi all ...

I'm working up a new song and video called "Boots on the ground" about veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea.

If you have any sort of media that might be used in the song and or video, I'd appreciate it.

Of course it cannot be copyrighted and there really is no compensation. Just fishing right now for a little bit of everything.

Message me here or through my website MichaelStoneMusic.com

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Michael Stone Music Spotlight [AUDIO]

By Michael Stone, 2015-12-02

Hi Mixposure...

As many of you may know, I produce a Podcast based around Indie artists, many of whom I have discovered  here on Mixposure.

Here is another episode featuring:   Singer-Songwriters , Steve Hodak , Patti Sterling , Matthew Alexa , and Hillary Reynolds .

I hope you enjoy:


~Michael Stone~



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Michael-Daryl Collaboration

By Michael Stone, 2015-06-16
Michael-Daryl Collaboration

H Friends...

It's been a while since I've posted here and thought it time to update you on what is forthcoming...

I am so excited about the material that Daryl Abyss Holden and I are writing together and producing. I cannot wait to reveal it, but I promised Daryl, that I would restrain myself from a premature release. 

We are VERY serious about this release and are planning on a full, properly planned debut with video/ads etc. and hopefully radio support. In the next weeks/months you'll most likely see posts about this quite a bit. If it doesn't interest you, no problem, h owever there are songs that I believe may capture your imagination. We rock, go with ballads and concept songs. Our ability to comminicate through music-melody, lyrics and production is unreal.

All original and pristinely produced and mastered by Daryl. His attention to detail and sonic quality is amazing. We obviously would enjoy your listens, and of course downloads if you like. We do have a lot invested in such a project beyond ego .

Stay tuned the adventure has only begun. Thanks for reading.



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Meanings Behind Songs

By Michael Stone, 2014-10-16

Meanings Behind The Songs
~Michael Stone~ © 2014

Recently, I played a local venue, performing my music.

A woman engaged me afterwards asking me about the 'meaning' behind some of my songs. It was at that point I realized it was much easier for me to sing about my experiences than to actually 'talk' about them.

I guess it's easier to put oblique messages out through lyrics than to actually discuss the deeper thoughts going into the songwriting process. But somehow, she was able to glean the true meaning from the song, though I'd meant it as almost a musical double entendré.

When I perform live, I usually give a brief synopsis of songs before I play them, but in this case she went right to the heart of the matter and wanted the true meaning behind my lyrics.

I found myself unable or unwilling to delve into the subject much more personally, and with a complete stranger.

But isn't that what art is supposed to do ? Ask us to face the more difficult questions in life, in a manner that makes us think ? And here I was confronted by a woman, using words like passion, deep and thoughtful, trying to decipher the deeper meaning behind these compositions.

I felt obliged to respond, but for some reason was unable to open p as much as maybe I should have. Perhaps there is therapy in my future for this issue.

But if you do have a willingness to ask the questions, anytime soon,
I'll do my best to provide better answers.


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Thank You and So Long For A WHile

By Michael Stone, 2014-08-21

Hi all...

I just wanted to let you know I won't be doing my Friday night show for quite a while. I am dealing with health and personal issues, but will be stopping in from time to time to say and upload a new tune.

Thanks for your support and to everyone on the MIX staff.

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Music Or Lyrics ? Which Comes First?

By Michael Stone, 2014-04-10
Music Or Lyrics ? Which Comes First?

 Music Or Lyrics: Which Comes First ?
~Michael Stone~

So how do you write a song ? A question I'm sure just about every songwriter has heard more than

I am talking songwriting as opposed to composing instrumental music. This is where the proverbial, which came first; 'chicken or the egg ?' question raises it's head.

Music or lyrics first ?

I can't speak for anyone else who puts pen and pick to paper, I just thought I'd take a look at how "I" construct a song. The WHY is an entirely different subject. In my experience everyone does it differently.

For me it's almost always the lyrical content that comes first.

I always have a note pad nearby (dozens) and nowadays my smart phone contains a plethora of  snippets of lyrical ideas. Sometimes it's a complete phrase , then some times it's one simple word.

As an example, I just finished writing "Your Mistake". That tune started and ended when the phrase, 'I never wanted to be your mistake' came rolling into my head during a moment of reflection. While another song "Criminal" simply began with that one word and the content is still to be determined (TBD). The latter is far from finished, while I would say "Your Mistake" is done.

That being said; when it comes to my musical endeavors; 'done' is a relative term. Songwriting never seems to end. I literally have songs I've been working on for over 30 years. Others I've 'finished,' in less than a half hour. No matter the composition, or state of completion, I find my self endlessly tweaking the project and probably always will, changing this word here or slightly altering that chord there, to be a 7th instead of a simple major chord.

The possibilities seem infinite.

I've read of artists who painted over masterpieces because they weren't satisfied with the original work, and needed to save money on canvas. Only for that 'masterpiece' to be discovered decades, even centuries later.

Such  may be the case with recordings. I have in some cases dozens of incarnations of compositions                                                                      
So which came first? It doesn't really matter, I guess.

It's the end result ...... when it's done .... if ever ....


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