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Home For Christmas

By Michael Stone, 2014-12-10

"Home For Christmas" for sale ....

The story: Two weeks prior to Christmas in 2012 I woke at 5 am on a Sunday morning with this song in my head. By 6am, I had completed writing it. By noon I had recorded a rough version. Fast forward to 2013 and I took it to the studio for what you hear here today. I hope you enjoy.

Home For Christmas single now LIVE

By Michael Stone, 2013-11-27
Home For Christmas single now LIVE

Hi All....

I've just released my first ever Christmas song " Home For Christmas ".

I hope you'll stop by and give it a listen and maybe even add it to your collection of Holiday Music.

Thanks for your support of Indie Musicians everywhere!

Michael Stone



" Home For Christmas "



"Home For Christmas" is Coming

By Michael Stone, 2013-11-12


A year ago I had one of those moments of inspiration. You know the kind where you can't write down the chords and the lyrics or record the melody quick enough.

It's like the song was always there just waiting to be discovered. Such is the case for most of my songs (to me at least :).

But; "Home For Christmas" has something special. I'm hoping the final version will be done this next week at the latest. I hope you'll give it a listen and maybe even purchase the song.

Imagine that an Indie DIY musician selling a song. Bu, I am determined. I have a complete marketing campaign for such a short seasonal release and am hoping it gets "legs".

Your support is important as it starts here in these communities of individuals that collectively can create a virtual tsunami.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy this song. I believe there's something special within it's melody and sentiment.