Michael Stone
Michael Stone
Michael Stone


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@kelly.blackmore, 08/09/18 09:35:02PM
@kitmann, 01/14/14 01:46:32PM
Michael thank you so much for downloading Soul Taker Blues re-mix....Mean a lot to me brother. Again thank you and hope you enjoy the song my friend.
Kit Mann
@harryv1, 01/10/14 10:20:40AM
Hello Michael, thanks for downloading Tell June. I uploaded it again today, same version, just tweaked the voice a bit, hardly audible. My ears were clogged yesterday due to a severe cold I'm having at the moment. But whatever upload you prefer, the atmosphere of some one singing a song for the first time is well worth recording. Written to commemorate the 4th of june 89 TSquare, based on conversations with my Junie in Boomer NC and poetry by Bei Dao who was there in 89. Best wishes for 2014!
@Rod Fritz, 11/08/13 05:26:34PM
Thanks Michael and I hope you enjoy the track mate! Cheers,