Michael Yablonski
Michael Yablonski

Sky Dreamer

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A remix of a song I posted earlier this year, added some Carvin NS-1 tracks.
Sky Dreamer
04/15/19 07:10:50PM @gtrcity:
I greatly enjoy listening to your wonderful compositions. Excellent and varied instrumentation and arrangements!
05/20/08 05:44:49PM @tcp:
Geeze...now I see the progressive side of you. You've got such nice things at play moving into and out of the picture. These changes are all good and emotional. I really have to give you big kudos for the way you've thought this marvelous piece through. Your musical mind with it's creativity. Transitions beautiful. Fine specimen indeed Mike. Wow. Impressive composition. A song I wish I wrote. Kudos my friend!!! ~Blake
02/15/08 01:07:20AM @maxidogma:
Nice track man. It has inspired me. Keep 'em coming.
02/15/08 12:23:46AM @jaymanthebassman:
That drum groove... damn, sick sick sick!!! Almost fell of my funk-cycle! I had to listen to it twice to get my fill!! Then added it to the favs! Everything else is very supportive of that powerful drum kit. Reminded me of some early Genisis grooves. Cheers! J
01/27/08 08:14:44PM @henry-tarnecky:
This is really quite good in depth, strength and sensitivity. I was visualizing during this listen which is always a good sign for me that I enjoyed it Mike!
01/22/08 05:05:31PM @soundtrapper:
Really enjoyed Sky Dreamer. Great sound on my side.
Excellent work.

12/29/07 08:56:32AM @steph-klish:
The others said it all
Great track
Good Job Mike

Michael Yablonski
12/29/07 08:22:05AM @michael-yablonski:
Wow, I posted this last night, finished up a collab w/GeorgeShep, woke up with all these comments, you iMS folks are very generous, much thanks, I'll get back with all of you. I cannot take credit entirely on the piano solo in the middle, it was generated by some very smart software, I could never play the keys that well. The rest was performed using a GR20 piano patch with the Carvin NS1. Thanks for all the suggestions to help improve my playing and production, I could have never asked for a better group of teachers, the talent on this site is astonishing. Huge hats off to Dazed for creating the best music artist site on the net! Happy New Year to All! -Funky Mikey
12/29/07 06:52:29AM @pyramis:
Very nice orchestration,and I think the hi-hats are fine,might just be a matter of how the listener has the player eq set on their pc.Great arranging,and good mix.

12/29/07 06:32:11AM @dux:
Very cool and very uplifting. I was very impressed with the piano work. It is masterfully played--along with the piano solo at the 2:14 mark. It is very nicely done.

I do differ a bit on the guitar solo however. it starts out great, but then falls short at the end. To me it needs a little work, and for you to think outside of the pentatonic box. Especially at the end of the solo. The attempt to bend up or down to resolve your notes did not quite get there. It is often falling short of the bends, and (in my view) this actually hurt the solo by not voice leading you directly into the keys. The use of the cymbals is also a bit awkward in places. So listen for this.

Regardless, I really enjoyed the piece. I felt that I was taken on a journey throughout the universe, and as the planets and galaxies flew by, i really was enjoying the ride. =)

12/29/07 05:09:23AM @chrickon:
Great track Michael ! loved the big sound and nice arrangement, thought that your guitar work on this one was real great too.
Wish you a Happy New 2008 !

12/29/07 03:16:36AM @tlt50:
Lush,majestic,unique and very creative. A guitar player tickling the ivories like that... just doesn't seem FAIR......this is an excellent well concieved piece, with amazing textures and quality.........FM ...You did yourself proud ,my friend,

Larry T..........

12/28/07 11:28:03PM @test1:
This song really grabbed me from the start. I did think the hihats are just a bit hot in the mix. really nice keyboard work on this song, excellent energy, and I love the changes. THe lead guitar work is great - reminds me a bit of Barklay James Harvest.
12/28/07 09:07:48PM @rob-hanlon:
Excellent track. Very majestic sound and performance. Very nicely done!
12/28/07 08:55:18PM @diva:
P.S. -- Nice carvin in that picture!
12/28/07 08:54:39PM @diva:
Michael -- You work continues to impress me, and this is such a classy piece of music. Nice job, as always.


Rob Grant
12/28/07 08:11:37PM @rayon-vert:
GREAT TRACK, Michael....LOVED the synth.....beautiful piano. A DEFINITE Favorite......dl's sometime?

12/28/07 08:05:33PM @dazed:
love that piano/keys intro. very cool tune. love the build up on here. was that all ns1?
01/18/08 12:24:15AM @george-shepherd:
Great to see you here!!!! Cool song. Man, you have great production skill.

Miss playing live with you. Great track.


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