Mikael Larsson
Mikael Larsson

Power Of Man

album: Tucana
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 79

Power Of Man

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Mikael Larsson
01/24/17 04:46:40PM @mikael-larsson:
Doug Dickens:
Great rock sound here. I love the changes and the power vocals on this track.

Thank you Doug! Appreciated!

Doug Dickens
01/23/17 07:40:18PM @doug-dickens:
Great rock sound here. I love the changes and the power vocals on this track.
Mikael Larsson
10/04/15 10:27:22AM @mikael-larsson:
Thank you so much Galacticore!
10/03/15 09:12:26PM @galacticore:
Great song, a real tour de force. LOVE the mix of guitar and orchestral instruments. Really brilliant arrangement
Mikael Larsson
02/28/15 06:17:42AM @mikael-larsson:
Thank you so much Silent-Stranger!
Silent Stranger
02/27/15 09:38:03PM @silent-stranger:
Great tune. Nicely done.
Lyrical Princess
11/06/14 04:45:44PM @lyrical-princess:
Captivating from beginning to end. Everything about this song is top notch. You do Incredible work. I've truly enjoyed my listen!

All The Best,

Mikael Larsson
08/24/14 03:47:56PM @mikael-larsson:
Hey David! Thank you so much my friend!
David Clay
08/24/14 01:53:11PM @david-clay:
I enjoyed every note of this piece. Well produced and played. I'll also be back to listen to this again!
Mikael Larsson
07/29/14 03:06:49PM @mikael-larsson:
Thank you so much Doug! Much appreciated!
Mikael Larsson
07/28/14 01:23:57PM @mikael-larsson:
Thank you so much for that compliment! Glad you enjoyed it!
Fender Bender
07/27/14 07:37:12PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
I can hear this track on a Trans-Siberian Orchestra album---that is meant to be a compliment! Lots of power here in "Power on Man". Excellent classically styled ending----did not get tired listening to any of the 8 minutes and 40 seconds----will have to do it again, too.


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