Mike Aurigemma
Mike Aurigemma

What;s That Sound

genre: Acapella
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BY Calico Gene CAnnon-Sax Frank Aurigemma-guitar-guitar synth Brad Trumbull-backing vocals, keys, key bass Rocky Rothwell-guitar and Vocals Mike...
What;s That Sound
08/27/09 05:03:47PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Now - THIS is what I call a "jam session"!! This track just oozes with talent all around! The great synth opening, drums, sax, guitar! Nice jam, guys!!!


Incarnate Word
09/09/09 02:57:40PM @incarnate-word:
Mike you are killing me bud. you keep producing great tunes like this and I will never get any sleep. I love the direction on this you are like a Music Doctor or something, you brought this one new life. Thank you for making an old favorite a new one. Rolla IW


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