album: The God Who Had An Affair With Himself
genre: Chamber Music
streams: 36

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As a child I was afraid of The Dark. Now I fear Mortality. I cannot imagine not existing. Simply not being there in my purest form.  Sentient and alive....
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Well... as the title suggests its about mortality. But with a slight twist: when we die (as in the human race) do our gods die with us or continue? I like...
11/01/11 08:03:32AM @mel:
Very very dark intro. The spoken words are creepy but sad too. The operatic vocals are just wonderful. A very artistic work here, the violins giving it a haunted feeling, lost souls. Wishing you well, Melsi
Mista Perez
11/02/11 08:25:26AM @mista-perez:
Interesting and original. Just the way I like my music in the morning. Gets the creative juices going. Lyrically nice writing.


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