The Glass Virgin

album: The God Who Had An Affair With Himself
genre: Pagan
streams: 43

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No relief no joy-  just a parting gift for tomorrow.   Gift wrapped embers and sweet duress for your parting gift of tomorrow.  Painted mask with hooded...
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half the time I have no idea what categories my music falls into. Thank you whoever invented pot luck and multiple choices. My cranium is hurting. Any way-...
The Glass Virgin
01/29/14 08:43:35PM @n0mad23:
I like this song better every time I hear it. Typical of my interface with the brilliant - it needs time to gestate before I'm ready for all the levels. Brilliance.
11/04/11 09:31:15PM @lucindra:
This leaves the imagination plenty of room to expand and explore the hypnotic eerie string instrument that I cant identify accompanied by the slow junglesque beat....the lyrical content is haunting yet inviting.......


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