Universal Suffering

album: The God Who Had An Affair With Himself
genre: Electronic
streams: 104

  Song Lyrics
Universal suffering, taking the good and the bad we weave our own destiny. Kissing the future with soiled hands. Dancing on graves with abandonment...
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This track is about black spiritual idenity, fascism, racism and all the usual suspects. As well as  religion, music, domestic skills, education,...
Universal Suffering
11/21/11 06:50:16PM @n0mad23:
Good stuff here. On point both musically and in lyrical content. Racism serves Empire as "divide and conquer" is at the soul of the problem. It's all a bit like Herzog's "Even Dwarfs started Small" barnyard scene where the chickens peck one of their own until they kill it. Keep everyone hungry and suspicious and squabbling over the scraps.

Thanks much for allowing downloads of this one. I'm sure I'll be listening to it off line even more than here!


11/05/11 09:54:25AM @digger-stone:
On my 3rd listen now... mostly because the music is great.

not really shure what the messag is here, can't really wrap my head around it this morning! but maybe another java would be the answer.

deff. a cool song though!


10/31/11 08:24:53AM @mizieya:
thanks for the review. glad you liked it
11/01/11 12:43:18PM @josephrodz:
Great beat to dance till die,lol
A very dedicate production and awesome layers of sounds.

10/31/11 08:18:31AM @zeropage:
no limited thoughts in this track! a very thoughtful production, that sounds great! sure like that beat.
11/02/11 02:47:57PM @gary-hart:
Cool...this is really well done! lots of going on! gotta say that is a wicked beat! Well though out production indeed!


11/02/11 09:25:05PM @tlt50:
This is some trip/hip...funky magic..!~! Stellar groove...delicious ear candy creativeness.Vox...lyrics.. production top shelf.. awesome changes..I'll be back for more...OUTSTANDING...~AwwwwwwwwwwOoooooooo~ You.~:)*


11/02/11 03:26:19PM @david-c-deal:
I couldn't help but to giggle at your reference to Dune. I love those books. On a philosophical note I tend to think the human world is drifting more toward chaos than uniformity but I suppose this is a thought, not a truth. Anyhow, your music. Most creative... I love the vocals toward the end of two minutes... This is fine conceptual... experimental rock.


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