The Dance Of Salome

album: The God Who Had An Affair With Himself
genre: Ballad
streams: 49

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She drinks from a world that is wonderful. Bright, shining and new: its always colourful. Everything is a blissful sigh and beautiful. Everything is...
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This track is one of my favourites.  Its light tension and robotic locomotion... gives The Listener perception and depth into the mind of a Myth. Salome is...
The Dance Of Salome
01/17/13 07:21:43AM @jackson-hart:
Epic! Very creative! Again...you have an interesting way of laying down your vocal tracks...Always Original! I really liked this piece! Great job and the mix production is awesome!!


10/31/11 07:54:23PM @cooter:
This is well done piece of music. I love originality, and this oozes and sprouts of originality.

It's a little dark for me, normally. But credit where credit is due. This is very well done. Interesting vocals, captivating music. I enjoyed every moment of listening.



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