The Song Of Solomon

album: The God Who Had An Affair With Himself
genre: Art Rock
streams: 45

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Standing naked before me, unashamed and proud. Erect and bobbing his manhood beckons, unrepentant and proud. Parting my lips with his tongue, exploring my...
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I thought i'd try sex and then I got bored. It happens to us all. After being inspired by the Levitican Creed I thought I'd write a little raunch: hence The...
The Song Of Solomon
11/21/11 06:53:31PM @n0mad23:
How anti-Victorian in sensibilities (moral codes and sonic choices). Probably a little less open to interpretation than the original Song of Solomon.
11/06/11 10:45:22AM @bri-an:
Bizzarre and loved every note played...great to hear this arrangement, Miz...this is just kool werk.!!


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