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One more time

album: One more time
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One More Time Lyrics by Mel Tillis   I wonder what the power is that you hold over meI never get to love you long, just your memoryAnd I make a vow each...
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Remake of a Mel Tilis BillBoard 1970 top ten Hit song.
One more time
02/09/15 06:22:33AM @noel-brooke:
Thank you Doug for your kind words… hope you had a chance to checkout "Be mine tonight", hope you like it as well. Thank you once for takin the time hear and also spin my songs!
09/14/14 10:00:16PM @noel-brooke:
Thank you Lyrical-Princess / Doug for your kind words. Im trying to bring back the good old ones with some fresh modern country, but keeping the essence of the song intact. this is my goal and dream. I know there is a lot goin on the modern country side nowadays, but I know for sure that theres is nothin than to hear a good old song from the good old years!! Be Bless y'all!
Lyrical Princess
09/11/14 01:07:06AM @lyrical-princess:
Always loved Mel Tillis' music.. Nice rendition of "One More Time". When someone writes lyrics like the ones in this song, you can bet that there will be many people that can relate. And that's the kind of song that sells. You have a nice voice for Country music. Back up vocals are lovely too. I hope to be hearing lots more from you..
Welcome to Mix
All The Best,

08/16/14 08:52:12PM @noel-brooke:
Thank you very much, I will do my best to get on it! Be Bless!
08/16/14 08:44:38PM @josephrodz:
Lovely song, when you got the time join us at


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