Please Help Me Lord=BobbyG,Wricky & Farrell Jackson

album: OCR.BOYS & friends
genre: Rock
streams: 30

  Song Lyrics
Please help Me LordAnother Mondaysuch a sad dayAnother school dayWe live in fear Mother childshot in the hallTokes away her child just so small said love...
  Song Information
wrote this about all the shooting in our schools .
Please Help Me Lord=BobbyG,Wricky & Farrell Jackson

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04/02/18 11:57:17AM @gary-hart:
Love that clean guitar sound...sending a great message here! Thank you for sharing this track! šŸ‘
Tricia C
04/01/18 05:01:48AM @tricia-crawford:
Music that says a message is always special to many people.. and collaborations are always great too! Great job guys and thanks much! I sure wish this country would truly discuss with each other the relevant research and statistics and unity to see what truly needs done for our schools and the people in America.. quit fighting and standing one sided grounds and being ruled by what the media WANTS to share.. geez.. you got me started. I will shut up... very basic instrumentation and I do care about all of our country... :'(
03/31/18 06:52:21AM @ronbowes:
A song with a message. Relevant, cool collaboration.


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