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@bigalmusic, 09/21/17 10:37:24PM
Songwriter Allen Copeland For WOA RECORDS VH1/MTV
@wricky, 03/09/17 07:19:42PM
hey hey Bobby
@BLJ, 10/16/16 04:43:54PM
Hey Bobby I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for taking the time to listen and download my tunes. It means the world to be my friend!
@juscoday, 04/11/15 10:11:10PM
Oh Yeah! We loved being played on your show Bubba! Thanks for airing My Words giving all proceeds to The Rose Women's Shelter in Santa Rosa, CA. Continued best to you and come grab more JD&A tunes anytime... Julie Day/juscoday on MIXposure
@Bamil Music, 02/26/14 04:19:53PM
Thanks For Your Constant Support To My Music, Blessings!!!
@Thawind Mills, 02/07/14 08:52:42PM
Thank you for downloading my music! Much appreciated! I will be in studio this month to record the fort installment of the love songs cd.
@Ron, 01/30/14 09:58:02PM
Ron was here!
@kitmann, 11/29/13 07:41:56AM
Thank you for downloading some of my music. You may also want to listen and load the song.....Holding On To The Night. A duet. This love song I'm sure so many folks have had the same thing happen to them. I hope you enjoy the music. Again thank you so very much.
Kit Mann
@Rod Fritz, 11/08/13 05:26:00PM
Hey guys, thanks for downloading some tracks and hope you enjoy! Cheers, Rod
@craigcameronbrooks, 10/22/13 11:57:56PM
hey Guys. thank you for listening and enjoying my song. I dont really know how to comunicate that well om mixsposure but if you wanna connect you can reach me on craigbrooks@shaw.ca thanks again for taking a listen. I
would be thrilled to get involved in what you are doing any way I can.
@harryv1, 10/02/13 04:42:42PM
Hi Bobby, looks like I'm first to sing the guestbook, gladly do so, you're the first to visit my site and download a song. Thanks for the visit! Bests from Holland, Harry V